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Thread: One to Two Breasts

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    I currently only nurse my 5 week old on one breast, but I am thinking very soon he will need both. My breasts have gotten use to only being "ready" one at a time, so how do I make this transition? Will they adjust quickly?


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    Hi there. I think you can just go ahead and start offering the second side after he's done on the first side Not a lot of "transition" needed ... if baby is still hungry, he will take the second helping -- if not, he won't. At 5 weeks your supply is still building, and baby will help your body regulate. (For what it's worth, my baby took only one side per feeding until about 8MO, and even at that point, when he started wanting both sides, my body was still sensitive to his demands and production adjusted to meet it.)

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    What do you mean by 'ready?' Are you equating your breasts feeling full to being 'ready' to nurse? This is not really the case. You may not feel it, but your body is always making milk, so both breasts are always ‘ready’ for baby. How full a mom feels at one time or another is due more to milk 'storage capacity,' not milk production.

    feeling less full in general as your milk production 'regulates' to the amount your baby needs rather than more- (this typically occurs sometime between 1 and 3 months) is normal and not, on it’s own, a sign of low production. So thinking fullness means good production can be misleading.

    There may be some difference in rate of flow if baby nurses from a less full breast. This sometimes makes some babies a little fussy, but it should quickly resolve.

    Follow baby's lead, your body will follow.

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