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Thread: Screaming and crying at the breast

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    Default Screaming and crying at the breast

    Ok so me and my LO (6 weeks old) BF about once a day because of nipple issues. Today he nursed for a good while on my left breast and kind of nodded off so I sat there with him. He awoke again and seemed fussy so I put him to my other breast which he took for about 5 minutes and then became extremely fussy. He generally prefers the left breast so I figured I would put him back on the left breast but all he did was cry and scream. I gave him the paci and he seemed content again and then nodded off to sleep. Could it be that he was full and did not want any more milk? I was kind of hoping I would be his paci but he wasn't having it. I felt a little jealous that he prefered the paci over me but I was just glad that he was content. So i guess my main question is: Will BF babies refuse the breast once they are full and no longer want milk?
    I just get worried that when he BF he is not getting enough. I am so used to pumping and giving him my expressed milk by bottle. I am used to seeing how much milk he gets in per feeding.
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    Default Re: Screaming and crying at the breast

    How awesome that the baby nursed! Well done, mama!

    Okay, breastfeeding isn't something that babies master immediately. It's a skill that they have to work on. They have to learn how to control the flow of milk so that they can transition from nursing for nutrition (fast flow) to nursing for comfort (slow flow). Your baby is used to getting his comfort needs met with a pacifier, so it may take him a while to learn how to make that switch in his sucking.

    Once a baby is no longer hungry, what happens next depends on the baby. Some babies will spend a long period comfort sucking at the breast. Others will rapidly turn away and "ask" for a paci (if they're used to pacis, that is) or will find their own fingers/thumb and suck on that.

    Transitioning from measured feeds and bottles to nursing is definitely difficult. You have to learn to trust your body and your baby! Watch your LO's diaper output carefully during the transitional period. If he continues to make sufficient wet/poopy diapers (and remember that after 6 weeks poops can slow to as little as 1 per week), then he's getting enough to eat.

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