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Thread: Parsnips and frozen milk

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    Default Parsnips and frozen milk

    Two questions here!

    1: This weekend I have been in extreme pain and upset stomach from eating undercooked parsnips (who knew - there's a toxin in them that needs to be cooked out well, and not knowing that, I just lightly steamed them with my other vegs!). Thankfully I'm the only one who ate them. But if baby was going to react too through my milk, would it have already happened? ie. how long does it take for what we eat to pass into our milk? (I ate them on Friday evening and Saturday noon again before I realized that they were the problem; it's now Sunday evening and the pain is lessening for me.)

    2: I haven't given baby a bottle or pumped since she was finally able to nurse exclusively at 6 weeks old, and she's now 8 months. Considering the idea of trying a bottle just once or twice so I can try to go out for an hour on my own (which she still can't handle! so I'm wondering if milk would change that even if it were Daddy giving it to her!), but I don't have a pump any more because I just rented one for those 6 weeks, so all I have is some milk frozen from when she was a newborn (last July). I know milk changes as baby gets older, so is it OK to use that milk now?

    Thanks all

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    Default Re: Parsnips and frozen milk

    1. whoa, I never knew that about parsnips!!!

    2. I wouldn't be concerned about it from the perspective of the age difference. It's true the milk you pumped back then is different from what she gets now, but it wouldn't be harmful. I would be a bit concerned about how long its been in storage - was it in a deep freeze or just your regular fridge-freezer? At the very least I'd do a sniff test before serving! But also, at that age you should be able to get away with sneaking out for a few hours without giving her milk - is she getting solids? You could also pick up a cheap handpump or try handexpressing if you just want to get an occasional couple ounces to tide her over while you're out for an hour or two.
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    Default Re: Parsnips and frozen milk

    From what I have learned about breastmilk, even if you get food poisening you shouldn't discontinue to BF. I am in no way an expert but this is what I have read. I hear the only times you need to stop BFing is if you have HIV or Hepatitis, etc. So I think your LO will be fine with the parsnips you ate.

    As far as the age of the BM, I had the same question a few days ago and one of the other moms let me know that BM can be consumed by baby at any age. Yes the BM changes as baby develops but it is so minimal that it should not to the extent where she can't drink it. So your milk is good

    HOpe this helps
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    Default Re: Parsnips and frozen milk

    1. How long it takes for a food to get into a mom's milk varies based on mom's digestion, the food in question (some foods don't pass into milk), etc. But it usually is obvious within a few hours. By this time, I think your baby is safe. I did some googling and the toxin in parsnips- furanocoumarin- seems to be something that is more likely to cause problems when you come into direct contact with it, and not so much when you eat it. By the time it's passed through your digestive system, I think it's probably pretty mild. Just a guess, though!

    2. Manitobamommy nailed it. I'd also be more concerned about the way the milk was stored, and possible lipase issues, than I would be about feeding "newborn" milk to an older baby.

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