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Thread: 12-week old frustrated while nursing

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    Hi, my 12-week old LO has been pulling on and off while nursing for the past week. I see her hunger cues and she latches immediately when offered the breast, but after a few minutes she gets upset, latches on and off, and ends up crying/screaming until she tires out. I returned to work today and i am worried she will no longer want to nurse now that she has to take 2-3 bottles per day. She had some trouble adjusting to the bottle and ate very little today, but got better in the afternoon. I try to switch sides, burp her, soothe her, but it rarely works. This happens more often in the afternoon and evening. I can express milk when she unlatches, but i wonder if slow flow is the issue. If so, how do i help her or what else could it be?

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    Could be normal. At 3 months my LO was starting to take note of sights and sounds and would pop on and off like crazy, cry, etc. I imagine the world is a very distracting, loud, bright and confusing place when it all starts to come into focus. We had another wild ride of this type at the 4 month growth spurt.
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    How long has this been happening? It may be a temporary issue brought on by the stress of the change with you going back to work, or any number of other temporary issues. Babies fuss at the breast for many reasons. If baby will not nurse, try again in just a short time. Also you don’t need to wait for her cue, offer to nurse whenever you like.

    If it truly is a reaction to milk flow, you can try breast compressions to increase milk flow, http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17 and/or relaxation techniques to help with quicker letdown. http://lowmilksupply.org/relaxation.shtml

    And your baby should be being fed in a breastfeeding supportive way while you are at work. This is very important! Here are tips: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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