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Thread: One year and nursing less often :(

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    Default One year and nursing less often :(

    My daughter and I made it to one year yay! My new goal is 2 years now! SO in the last couple of weeks my kiddo has really been nursing less. It's SO HARD to get her to nurse during the day (even in a dark quiet room!) She points to her high chair and seems to want solids before nursing. I want to follow her lead as much as possible but I have to admit I'm worried about her nutritional intake. Mama's milk guarantees all the needed nutrients and getting that with solids is scary lol. She nurses about 4x a day, rarely ever at night anymore. Basically I feed her to sleep and that's the only time she will nurse well! And now that we seem to be dropping that second nap...well that probably means that nursing session is out the window too! So my question is...is 4 times pretty average for some 12 month olds? I try to offer often but sometimes it annoys her! PS I have a hx of oversupply and overactive let down so she nurses to eat and she has never been much of a comfort nurser. Also, everyone mentions that toddlers should have 2-3 healthy snacks in addition to meals...we only eat the 3 meals bc I'm afraid if I introduce snacks then nursing will decrease even more. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    So my advice is Don't worry AND work more diligently on solids. I agree that solids are intimidating. But at this point in the game, weaning has begun. And that is right and normal and good. So NOW breastmilk isn't supposed to be the main source of nutrition. Breastmilk is supposed to be filling in the gaps while you figure it out. By the year point my son was eating 3 meals a day plus two snacks. We still fed on demand. At 14 months I went back to work full time. And while away from me he drank water and ate real food and we nursed on demand while together. I was very very diligent with food from the 6 month point on to get to that place by 12 months. And it is very intimidating. And the good news is it is supposed to be gradual. But No your child doesn't get her nutritional needs met in 4 sessions a day. And you shouldn't be clinging to it. Her nursing habits will ebb and flow from here on out. The will increase dramatically at some point in the next couple of weeks/month due to her 1st year molars breaking and from there it will all be affected by how walking and interacting with other kids, how much you go out ect. So focus on food. Because there is a growth spurt coming. Around 14 months. I promise you do NOT want to be solely responsible for that!

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