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Thread: PAIN during/after feedings

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    Question PAIN during/after feedings

    i had 3 long days of work and didn't have time to pump enough last week and have had issues since... during/for a bit after feedings, i have a terrible burning, shooting pain deep in my breast. it started in one and then was in the other as well. each nipple had a small white/yellow kind of scab as well.

    the pediatrician looked at my baby's mouth yesterday and thought everything looked normal. he just turned 2 months old and everything else BFing has been good so far.

    from what i'm reading it sounds like thrush... has anyone else had this? or any other suggestions on what it could be? i don't want to take antibiotics and i really don't want to give my baby any if it's not 100% necessary!!!

    thanks in advance for your advice

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The burning pain could certainly be thrush, which is a yeast infection that occurs in the breast, and usually the baby's mouth as well, though the baby an be asymptomatic though infected. It could also be vasospasm (see http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/) or a bacterial infection (mastitis).

    If this is thrush, you won't need to take antibiotics. In fact, antibiotics would only worsen the problem. The treatment would be an antifungal medication (Nystatin, Fluconazole) given to you and the baby, since it's necessary to treat both members of the nursing pair. Rigorous hygeine would also be important.

    Additional symptoms of thrush:
    - nipples appear more red or pink than usual
    - dry, flaking, or peeling skin in the nipple/areola area
    - slit-like cracks, often radiating around the nipple
    - vaginal yeast (mom) or yeast diaper rash (baby)

    Have you had a recent round of antibiotics, including antibiotics given at or around the time of birth?

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    thank you so much!!!

    i haven't had antibiotics- with labor or after. after looking at that link, i think it may actually be vasospasm after all. and my baby did start clamping with the increased milk flow after not feeding for awhile. i'll keep an eye on it and work on re-positioning and see if it gets better.

    i really appreciate your help! so glad i found this forum!

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    Awesome! Let us know how it goes. And use heat to treat the vasospasms when they happen- seriously, there's nothing better!

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    well, i ended up getting VERY sick and the dr said it's mastitis and clogged ducts i feel like i have the flu and antibiotics are making my stomach upset on top of it. hate that the meds are transmitted in breastmilk but i guess there's no choice at this point. little one and i will get through it though!

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    Don’t worry about the meds getting transmitted into your milk. The amount is very small and the benefits of nursing outweigh that by far. If you have a breast infection it has to be treated. End of story. If the antibiotic you are on is making you too sick, you can talk to doctor about changing it? Rest and make sure baby is nursing frequently. I really mean it, you have got to rest. No work.

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    just wanted to thank you! i work freelance and never cancel, but i took your advice and got someone to replace me which i really needed to do for my body. i was still feeling awful this morning and am already feeling better just resting and taking it easy. and i'm not worrying now that i'm pumping my baby full of antibiotics

    vasospasms + clogged duct + mastitis = realizing i need to stop trying to be supermom once in awhile and rest! now, hopefully we won't have to deal with the thrush i was originally worried about

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