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    Hello! This is my first time posting, my son turned a month old yesterday. I have been brestfeeding him on demand. At his two week check up he had gained back his birth weight. The last 3 nights he has been up every 1-2 hours to nurse. He is gulping when he nurses, even choking at times. But he has also started to spit up the last two days, something he hasn't been doing. He bascially seems like when he is up all he wants to do is nurse. I have herd that babies clusture feed, but I am just scared that he is not getting enough milk.

    When I pump I only get 3-4 oz tops and that is if he hasnt nursed recently and if I give that to him in a bottle he scarfs it like he is starving. But I read somewhere babies cant control the bottle like the breast and that is normal, so I don't know.

    What do I do? How much should a baby that age be drinking at a feeding? Should I take him to the doctor and make sure he has gained enough weight? Could he have a dairy algery? Collic? I am just concerned that I am not doing this right.

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    Hi congrats on new baby and welcome to the forum!

    It is so normal to be worried (welcome to motherhood) but from what you describe nothing sounds out of the ordinary. Just to clarify,
    How much is baby pooping? (how many times a day at least the size of a US quarter.) What does poop look like? and
    How many times a day (approximately) does baby nurse?

    Some basics: 3-4 ounces is quite a lot for a mother who is also nursing to be producing per pumping per session. Twice the average. Remember this is EXTRA milk because (I assume) your baby is exclusively fed at the breast. Why do you need to be making 4 extra ounces of milk a day? You don’t.
    What you pump bears little or no relation to what your baby extracts each time baby nurses. And how much your baby gets each time will vary. Just as we don’t eat the same amount of food at every meal, neither will baby.

    If you are giving your baby a bottle in the typical position with baby laid back and bottle held above, baby will often take everything in a bottle because he can not help but do otherwise. This is called "drink or drown." (not that your baby would really drown it's just to give you the idea.) If your baby does need bottles (for example, if/when you are back at work (I doubt he does now)) you can make sure bottles are given the proper way: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf
    A month old breastfed baby would typically take in about 25-30 ounces of milk per day. 35 tops.
    A baby this age will normally need to nurse at least 10 or more times a day.
    Spit up is normal.
    baby needing to nurse very frequently even at night is normal.
    Any allergies or sensitivities via breastmilk are very rare.
    What you describe with the gulping sounds like forceful letdown, which is not a big deal or even a problem unless it is interfering with your baby’s enjoyment of nursing. If it is, it can easily be helped by nursing very frequently and nursing with your body in a more reclined position.

    I would not suggest block feeding. It is often suggested for forceful letdown but, since it reduces milk production, is not a good idea unless mom is very sure she has true, severe overproduction.

    See this for more on forceful letdown. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

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    I am sort of on the same boat as you and your LO. My son is 5 weeks old and has also been recently spitting up (at times vomiting). He eats about 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours, so I think your LO is right on track. I am also wondering if my son has a dairy allergy too because of the vomiting. My husband says I am worrying too much and that I should just wait until his next appt but that is not until mid April. I am closely monitering him and hope that it gets better. I did notice that he will throw up if he has more than 2 1/2 ounces so I am wondering if maybe he is just taking too much milk. Wish I could BF all the time but with my nipple issues it has been tough. For now pumping and bottle feeding will have to do.
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    Definitely not colic. That's defined as several hours of crying, several nights a week. A food sensitivity would typically present other symptoms as well: rash (usually the chest/torso), puffy/shadowed eyes, chronic congestion, painful night waking, red irritated anus (like a bulls eye), excessive gas, or bloody stools.

    The constant feeding and extra night waking sound like the 3 ish week growth spurt. They come in threes: 3,6,9 weeks and 3 and 6 months. Don't worry about pumping. Just nurse, nurse, nurse. Keep him upright after feedings and burp thoroughly to minimize spit up. I agree with meg about the forceful let down.

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    Thank you so much for your responses. He is pooping about 3-4 times a day. Its mustard and seedy. He has about a wet diaper ever 2 hrs or less. I really don't feel like he isn't going enough. I am pumping and trying to build my supply because I have to go back to work. He is strictly breast feed, never had any formula.

    The last several days since I posted have been much better. Maybe all I needed to do is relax. If I have got him almost 5 weeks I can do this! Its good to know that I am not the only mom going through these struggles.

    Oh, he is not my 1st. In fact he is my 4th boy! I have a 5 year old, twin 3 1/2 year olds and them him. I guess I am a little nervous if I can do this bc with my 1st I had a rocky start and struggled for months between BF and formula and finally gave up. With the twins, they demanded more then I could handle. It was just to much on me. I BF and gave formula and gave up early. This time around I am determined I am going to do this!

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    Good luck mama, nothing in your OP suggests lack of supply to me. You said weight gain is fine so if you are totally freaked you can count diapers during a 24 hour period, make sure he has 5-6 wets. If baby continues to gulp or choke there are nursing positions, like laid back nursing that can work well.
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