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Thread: Going Back to Work.....

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    Question Going Back to Work.....


    I hope you guys have some advise I go back to Work on Monday and my DD is 10 weeks old and not taking the bottle from DH. She likes to play when its feeding time. Any suggestions? I don't feed her with the bottle DH does and I try not to be in the same room but sometimes it's hard. Also, my work does not have anywhere for me to pump with the exception of a bathroom that locks What do I do Should I email my HR department and ask them how they are going to accomodate my BFing?

    As always thanks for the help!


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    You can definitely talk to your HR dept about helping find you a clean location to pump in. Mothers use empty offices, empty conference rooms, storage rooms, lounges, or anywhere else they can find that has an electrical outlet and a lock on the door. Some mothers have chosen to purchase a car adapter for their pump and pump in their car instead. They hang blankets/towels over the windows, and put up a sun shield in the windshield.

    There are other ways to feed baby, besides a bottle. For tips on bottle feeding, and alternatives: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/bottle.html
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