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Thread: Pedatrician's annoying advice

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    Another uninformed ped. Add him to the pile and ignore the scientifically unsubstantiated tripe he's trying to feed you.

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    Also please do not assume that your doctor knows much about breast-feeding.
    Shamefully and I really do think it is a shame in fact a crime. In the United States pediatricians are not trained in most breast-feeding issues at all. They get very rudimentary information. They can certainly inform themselves if they wish and some do, but it is not part of their medical training. It Is also very unlikely your doctor has seen lots of breast-feeding toddlers. For one thing very few people breast-feed their babies to toddlerhood. And those that do often learn to keep it in the closet even around thier doctor so that they are not given ignorant advice. Same with bed sharing.
    If you are interested in personal stories our children bed shared with us until they were ready to go to their own beds at about age 3 and 4 respectively . They nursed at night they nursed until they were five-ish and they have never had a cavity and they sleep excellently in their own beds and have done so since they were ready to move to their own beds.
    I suggest, Enjoy this precious time with your baby. it will never come again.

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    DD1 slept in our bed. We moved her out around 16 months. I was pregnant, it seemed right at the time. She's a great sleeper now.

    DD2 slept in our bed. We moved her out when I was preggo with her sister and I couldn't maneuver around her anymore. She was about 15 months (her sister was born 3 months later). I still nursed her to sleep but then sneak out (as I did with her sister). When she fusses I'd go back in. Sometimes I stayed, sometimes I left again. It worked for us. Eventually she didn't need me anymore.

    DD3 is in our bed now at 13 months. We might start putting the spare bed on the floor with railings soon. Not necessarily because I want her out. But because she's crawling and climbing and we have a big bed (no space to put the rest of it to put it on the floor).

    People who say "You'll never get them out of your bed." typically never coslept and didn't breast feed. Essentially, they're talking out of their butts and are saying whatever they think will scare you into doing what they want you to. My girls are great sleepers.
    Mommy to our DD1 early bird (34 weeks, 2 days, 7lbs, 14oz)! Oct. 2nd, 2008 Emergency C-Section, Frank Breech, HEALTHY Girl!
    Weaned @ 17 months
    Our DD2 early bird (37 weeks, 3 days, 7lbs, 12oz) Aug. 10th, 2010 Our Successful VBAC, growing like a bad weed!
    Weaned @ 15 months
    Our DD3 early bird (37 weeks, 3 days, 7lbs, 6oz) Feb. 16th, 2012 Our 2nd VBAC and lightening speedy birth!

    Loving being a Mom of 3, 40 months apart!!

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