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Thread: Pedatrician's annoying advice

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    Default Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Hi, I am new to commenting on this site although I read the helpful information all
    the time. The site is great.

    I have a 16 mos old daughter who I breastfeed.

    Her last pediatrician's appt the she told me that it would be better if I weaned her
    from her nighttime feedings (such as 1am and so forth) because she has teeth now and the milk can rot her teeth.

    Then I told her I still co-sleep.

    The pediatrician proceeded to tell me that it will be hard to wean her with me
    laying right next to her. So in other words???

    Then she asked me if I had ever seen a baby with black marks on their two front
    teeth. I said no. She told me although I don't remember it verbatim that this is
    from milk sitting on their teeth at night. But was it from a bottle or the breast?

    I was upset it seems I am doing the wrong thing by continuing to breastfeed my
    daughter at night. Its not going to be easy to get her out even if I wanted too.
    But now I have to worry about rotting her teeth and black marks?
    I can't very well wipe her teeth with a cloth when we are trying to go back to sleep.
    It seems no matter what you do if its precious and you enjoy it their is always something to
    ruin your peace.

    Don't get me wrong she see's babies all day so she knows more than I do about
    this stuff, and I want to protect my daughter but sometimes it gets

    My question is does anyone know personally babies that have gotten black marks
    on their teeth from specifically breastfeeding at night? Or problems with the
    babies teeth such as rotting that can be attributed to breastfeeding? I just
    want to be sure that is the act of breastfeeding at night that caused this.

    I don't want to rot my daughters teeth.

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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    You are NOT rotting your daughter's teeth. Read this: http://kellymom.com/health/baby-health/tooth-decay/

    The advice is based on formula / bottle fed babies. They fall asleep with the bottle in their mouths. Bottles continue to drip so it pools on their teeth.

    A breast does not continue to drip. Milk only comes out when the baby is actively nursing. Not nursing? No more milk.

    Also, breast milk does not cause issues on teeth like formula does. They are two completely different substances.

    You can go back to your pediatrician with this article and tell them, verbatim, that you are NOT rotting your child's teeth and that weaning is NOT on the table.
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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Or you can ignore your pediatrician and keep doing what you're doing. My pediatrician's great but I ignore him when it comes to sleeping and breastfeeding. At one point he told me that he had convinced his wife to move their four-week-old into his own room, implying I should do the same with my baby. Whatever. It's not a medical issue, and I know that having a 4-week-old in a separate room is terrible for breastfeeding and how can anyone sleep with a baby that little in a separate room? I just took my daughter for her one-year checkup yesterday and he started going down the road of "When are you going to wean..." I think he realized I was not interested in discussing weaning with him because he gave up after a few questions!

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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    I personally co slept abd breastfed my son at night well into his 2 nd year, and he had NO problems with his teeth. I think that the advice about black marks on the teeth are more geared toward bottlefed babies. But if you are interested in weaning at night you can night wean and still co sleep too, I did. I would wean one feeding at a time. I would soothe DS back to sleep with other methods till it was time for another feeding, say 3 hrs. At first it was rough cause the first night it seemed he woke up every half hour till I nursed him, but after the first night it was a lot easier, and once he slept through that feeding I would wean from the second, till he slept through the night.

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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Take a look at your child's teeth. How do they look? White and shiny, or ridged/pitted and stained with brown patches or streaks? If they're white and shiny, no worries. If they look like they're getting stained and rotted, then you might need to think about being really proactive about making sure baby sees a dentist, wiping down her teeth, keeping her away from sticky/sugary foods (juice, candy, dried fruits, etc.). And if she has significant decay, then you might want to consider night-weaning. But those steps are only for babies who have problems, usually because they have congenitally weak tooth enamel, not for the average baby!
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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    My dentist will start seeing kids at 12 mos. I wouldn't worry about night weaning unless you knew there was a problem, like Mommal suggested. My family doctor is very pro co-sleeping although I have gotten a hard time from my dentist's partner but I don't think breast milk really pools. Mine never poured out, that's for sure. If your child does have decay there are a lot of things to work on other than just night nursing, like avoiding sugary snacks (even fruit, according to some dentists, between meals). I think it is mostly genetic. My child's teeth are brushed 2x/day and she has great teeth. My niece has decay and has to brush after every snack and meal and her parents are very strict with what she eats and snacks on (no carbs for snacks, sweets only a couple of times a week).
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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Teeth caries caused by breastfeeding. Another myth that WILL NOT DIE. There is no evidence teeth decay is caused or worsened by breastfeeding, day or night. Breastfeeding is GOOD FOR TEETH per the ADA.

    This does not mean a breastfed baby will not get cavities. Being 'cavity prone' has many causes. heredity, mothers diet in utero, mother smokes, poor diet, poor dental hygiene, etc.

    It is smart for all parents to start a regular dental hygiene routine as soon as baby’s teeth erupt. This means regular brushing or wiping-ie, once or twice a day and not letting baby sleep all night without a brushing or wiping after eating SOLID FOODS. According to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, wiping after every nursing session day or night has not been shown to make a difference one way or another. (And I would suspect probably almost no one does it anyway.) It is suggested by the American Acadmeny of Pediatric Dentistry, but I am not sure on what evidence.

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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    That is utter nonsense. Do read the link below. It's a great read! You're doing everything right mama!

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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Thanks that makes me feel better. I mean they already make you feel like your doing something wrong by having the baby in your bed. Like scare tactics. For example
    "your baby will need to sleep in your bed till she's 7 if you let her sleep with you now"
    etc. etc

    I have been looking at her teeth I don't see any marks yet. Sometimes she does fall
    asleep at my breast. But I try to remove her quickly as possible even
    before she falls if she'll let me.

    I'm glad I don't need to worry, because its hard to brush her teeth anyway she
    doesn't know how to do it. When I put the brush in her mouth she sucks it.

    The good news seem to be that no one on this site has had that problem I think
    that's promising


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    Default Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    Well, don't expect a 1 yr old to know how to brush her teeth! My 3.5 yr old still gets assistance. DH or I brush first for her and then we give her the brush and tell her to make swishy sounds. It's a process and really something that is up to her parents to take charge of.
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