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Thread: What to do when baby sleeps long stretches at night?

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    Default What to do when baby sleeps long stretches at night?

    Hi ladies,

    I'm EBF, and my baby cosleeps with us. She feeds pretty regularly through the night, usually 3 times, but they aren't full feedings. About once or twice a week she sleeps a really long stretch for about 6-7 hours, even 8 hours, so much that I wake up with a very engorged breast (one side produces much more milk, the other side doesn't seem to fill up like that) because she has slept so long. During that long stretch she might nurse for a few minutes here and there, but nowhere near enough to make a dent in the amount of milk.

    She empties the over-full side in the morning, but if she started to sleep that long each night, would it hurt my supply in any way? She's 3.5 months, so we have a long way to go! I'm assuming as long as she is emptying it in the morning there shouldn't be an issue?
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    Default Re: What to do when baby sleeps long stretches at night?

    If her weight gain is good and she's hitting all of her milestones (i.e. so there's no worry about her getting "enough"), then I say enjoy it! Your body will eventually figure it out and sync up with your baby's sleep patterns. Some would have the inclination to pump to relieve the pressure. The problem with that is it signals to your body that you still need to produce at that time when you obviously don't.

    Also keep in mind that this probably will not continue. Baby's sleep schedule changes as their needs change. She'll go through a growth spurt soon, in which case she'll be nursing like a newborn again. Teething is around the corner as well.

    Trust your body - you two will sync up!
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    Default Re: What to do when baby sleeps long stretches at night?

    This happened to me too. Suddenly after the 2 month mark baby starts sleeping longer and I find myself waking up with engorged and leaking breasts while baby is still sleeping!
    Within a week my body adjusted and the horrible engorgement ceased. I thought my supply was compromised but it wasn't.

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