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Thread: too much food?

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    Default too much food?

    My son is 9 months and when I feed him, he clears his tray and could keep eating if you gave him more. My mom babysat for a few hours last night and fed him what I suggested but because he kept eating she gave him more and more food. She said he was really hungry but I think he just likes to eat. He was too full to breastfeed after that and even later that night he didn't feed well. I obviously will not be repeating that scenario but I am curious how much a 9 month old should be eating in ounces a day. I know he doesn't need any food technically but since he loves eating food as much as he loves breastfeeding, and as long as it doesn't interfere with breastfeeding...what's the rule of thumb amount wise?

    Also I haven't read anything about BLS but my son eats his food on his own except for runny food like applesauce or yogurt. If he is doing so well eating food at this point, does this mean he should wean soon? I intended to breastfeed -even with my low supply- to about a year and a half, even if its just a few times a day.
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    It's hard to say what you LO's enjoyment of solids means for his breastfeeding future. Some babies who love their solids do wean early, but there are also plenty of babies who love solids and also love to nurse, and continue to nurse for years after solids are introduced. If your baby actively enjoys nursing, and seeks the breast for comfort when he's hurt or sleepy, then I think there's a good chance he'll continue to nurse even if he starts eating a ton of solids.

    It's really hard to offer even a rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of solids a 9 month old should consume. I think you're stuck with "if he's eating enough solids that he's nursing less or less enthusiastically, then he's eating too much."

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    i always thought that babies' tummies are the size of their little fists, so maybe start with that much? when i introduced solids to dd2, she was 10 months old. she loved it.... i started with 2 times a day.... and nursing in between.... so the solids ended up taking over a feed. not what i intended, but it worked out that way. lol.

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