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Thread: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    I agree that pumping more often should do the trick. I pump every 3-4 hours and usually produce 5oz - 8oz per session. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    @llli*lllmeg -would love to get your opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post
    Hi and welcome to the forum. Thanks you for posting. I have a few questions!

    1) 7 ounces is a very large amount to make when pumping. 4 is more normal but still very good. How much do you expect to make? How much do you think your baby needs?

    2) Did you have low production concerns prior to returning to work? (was Baby gainng ok just on your milk, or were you also supplementing?)

    3) Now that you are back to work, how many times a day (24 hours) will baby nurse? Does baby sleep longer than 5 hours at night?

    4) How long is your workday (total separation time) and what is your workweek?

    5) What kind of a pump do you have and is it new?

    6) Do you have a comfortabel place to pump while at work?

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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    Hi I have been offline for a couple days-literally. IN bed with mastitis.

    netty99 I am glad you want my opinion and I am very happy to give it. But just so you know, the moms here are very knowledgable and have taught me qute a bit! LLL Leaders are not Lactation Consultants, so while I certainly think I know a lot about breastfeeding, plus own some great books for looking up questions I do not kno0w, there no reason to take my ideas with any more weight than other experiencd moms on this forum. If anyone says something that seems wriong, someone else catches them. That is what makes these forums so great.

    OK, so to your responses:

    1. Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...
    Hi there - here's my responses:

    1) I guess I expect to make at least what he's taking by bottle while I'm at work - which has been 2 bottles - roughly four hours apart at roughly 5 ounces each. Is that too much? His nanny says he seems satisfied when consuming those.

    OK your baby is being fed too infrequently, probably leading to the huge amounts by bottle taken at a time. Even so, 10 ounces in 12 hours is not really enough...is it? I thought teh rule of thumb was 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour mom is gone. Anyway, If your baby is being cared for by a nanny, nanny can certainly cue feed rather than schedule baby. I suggest you share this information sheet with your nanny. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    2) Baby is gaining weight appropriately (chubby cheeks to show) and I only supplement with 2 oz of breastmilk at night becuase when I get home there doesn't seem to be much there and he doesn't seem satisfied after nursing when I get home.

    If your baby is gaining well no need to give baby more bottles once you are home. Nurse instead. Nurse several times if needed. There is milk. Your body is always making milk. And frequent nursing increases production.

    3) Now that I'm back to work, my little man nurses 4-5 times a day. He was sleeping 5 hours a night all last week - this week he's been up every 2-3 hours.
    YOu could certainly encourage baby to nurse more often when with you, especially on weekends. Nursing lots when with baby helps moms who are back to work maintain appropriate supply. Which can be hard to do even with a good pump.

    4) Workday is LONG -- I leave the house at 6:30 and don't get home until 6.

    12 hours? And you only pump TWICE?????? This will destroy your milk production. Add TWO more sessions if you can. If you start making more than you need, drop one. But the bare minimum over 12 hours is 3 times. If you need tips on how to make pumping more easy/efficient at work please let us know. I have to assume the lactation consultant you spoke to thought baby was being fed more than twice in 12 hours.

    5) New pump courtesy of my insurance plan. It appears to work well. Medela Pump-in-Style I think.

    This is the right grade of pump for the job, but it is very important that the breast shells fit properly and you do need to change out those little white membranes pretty often.

    6) Yes, fairly comfortable. I also look at videos and photos of my baby during each session.

    “fairly?” Is there pain? Are you pumping at too high a setting maybe? Is your back killing you? Pain and discomfort can impede let down, and anyway, who needs more pain and discomfort? Work on ways to make pumping as comfortable for you as possible. I am sure pumping/working moms will have ideas for you.

    How about the thrush? Is the treatment helping? That could make pumping uncomfortable as well.

    FYI The book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) has lots of great info on all aspects of breastfeeding, including back to work and pumping concerns.

    Got to run baby crying hope this helps

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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    ok she just needed to nurse.

    please don;t be scared. it sounds like your sweet chubby cheeked baby is doing great, all on your delicious milk. the return to work is usually pretty stressful for mom, this is normal.

    What lots of what people think about feeding frequency/amounts etc. comes from formula feeding. breastfeeding is different. So it just takes knowing a few basics, educating baby's caregivers when needed, and trusting yourself and baby.

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    Thank you to everyone for your kind responses. I really appreciate it. I think it boils down to me feeding more at night and then adding another pumping session during the workday. All of which I'm willing and able to do. (I don't think I can get four pumping sessions in unfortunately). So I'm hopeful to see a change next week (I have Fridays off), but will remain confident that everything happens for a reason and hopefully I'll continue the ability to breastfeed my little one.

    Again, thank you all. Wish me luck.

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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    Good luck! And please come back with more questions as they arise!

    @lllmeg - sorry to hear about the mastitis. Hope you're feeling better.

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    Default Re: Tired, Frustrated and a little scared...

    Sounds like a good plan netty99. Don't forget about the paced bottle feeding too. This will help make sure baby gets enough but never too much! of your milk while you are away. Your baby's caregiver can be your ally in making this work!

    Thanks bfwmomof3! I certainly feel better now that the fever is gone. Still have a really sore breast though! Ironically, I got mastitis a few hours after leading a LLL meeting! I have been run down for weeks with colds etc, then did way too much running around in one day and did not nurse often enough. Message to all mommies-slow down and take care of yourselves!

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