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Thread: Passing less urine, HELP!

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    Default Passing less urine, HELP!

    My baby is currently 6,5 mos and still EBF, weight 8,4 kg.
    He has been passing less urine these past few days. Only 4-5 small amount of urine (just enough to dampen the cloth diaper) and 2 'quite wet' diaper during the day. As for night time, usually starts from 8 pm, I have changed him to disposable diaper which is more absorbent and lasted till the next morning. This disposable diaper is however still considered 'heavy wet' since my baby still wakes up a few times to feed through the night. He still poop once a day.
    Btw, the urine is still clear or pale yellow.

    I used to BF him every 3 hours around the clock. Since noticing him passing less urine, I have tried to increase nursing to every 1 - 2 hours, but mostly my baby would refuse because he is now so busy practicing crawling. He would even wake up at 3 am then started to roll over and shake his body trying to crawl!

    We have just started out solids once a day, sometimes even none at all, since he entered 6 mos. Just 2-3 teaspoons of water after that to clean solids off his mouth. So I don't think starting solids has decreased his milk intake.

    Other than the urine problem, he is very active, meets his development milestone, a bit fussy but I guess it's normal due to learning new skill.

    Should I be worried??

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    Default Re: Passing less urine, HELP!

    I don't think you need to worry. As long as his urine remains pale yellow and his overall diaper output remains normal in terms of number of wets, he's getting plenty of milk. I'm thinking that 2 things may be going on:
    1. He's learning to hold his pee in order to avoid the discomfort of a wet diaper, and therefore you're seeing a few massive, I-just-can't-hold-it-any-longer diapers intersoered with the lighter ones
    2. He's so busy learning to crawl and play during the day that he's nursing more at night than usual, leading to a very heavy morning diaper

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