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Thread: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this issue?

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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I've had good luck with the NUK bags (I have frozen in 2, 4, and 6 oz portions). Thick plastic, double zipper, seams have never split on me. I've only had 1 leak so far (in 10 mos). They are also a great value ($10 for a box of 50 on Amazon). I do thaw mine in a bowl or dish so that the milk isn't lost in the event of a leak.

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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I remembered this thread today because my boyfriend and his mother (who watch my baby while I am working part time) just informed me that another Lansinoh freezer bag of milk leaked today! That's the 2nd one so far. And we have not been using them but a couple months. I used to use the Medela ones, because I have Medela pumps, etc. I never had a leak with those. I like them fine, except that they do not lie as flat as the others.

    I think I may order a few Nuk ones and a few Honeysuckle ones and see how they compare for me. I already have so many Lansinoh left, and I hate that I have to stop using them for fear I may lose more precious milk!
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Losing milk is HEARTBREAKING! I noticed that several of the reviews on Lasinoh on Amazon complain of a leaking issue. I got them anyway because they, along with Medela were the only available locally. I needed new bags ASAP and hate Medela (I find them too small and the hole makes them difficult to pour). I received one Honeysuckle as a sample and I liked it because the seams seemed more reinforced and the writing is right-side up as opposed to Lasinoh (why do they have it upside-down?). Although there are some Amazon complaints of them leaking, as well. How frustrating! This thread got me worried for my precious freezer stash (although so far, I've defrosted without incident). I think I'm going to order some Honeysuckles for my next batch so I can make a better comparison. Haven't tried Nuk.

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