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Thread: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this issue?

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    Default Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this issue?

    I am having a lot of issues with Lansinoh milk storage bags. It seems that no matter how I try to thaw them, they leak and I'm losing all of this precious milk (especially when I would try to thaw them in water).

    I contacted the company who politely told me how their bags are produced with virgin plastic. And 'virgin plastic is more rigid and when the milk freezes, it places more stress on the plastic.', which may be causing the leaks.

    I have been freezing expressed milk in bags flat, usually in volumes 5-6 oz. and keeping them in a deep freeze. I'm extremely careful with my milk and am still having these issues. Lansinoh confirmed that this is the proper way to handle frozen milk.

    I'm so frustrated to be spending this time pumping milk for my baby and it being wasted!

    Is anyone else having issues like this? I'm curious if it is a larger issue than just getting a 'bad batch of bags' as Lansinoh suggested.


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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Hi mama, welcome to the forum! Ugh, that sounds totally frustrating. I have used a lot of Lansinoh bags in just the same way, 5-6 oz, lying flat, and I have not had this issue. But I guess I don't understand their explanation about the virgin plastic and the freezing. The POINT of these bags is to freeze milk! One thought - maybe thaw them inside a second ziploc bag, so if there's a leak it's contained within the second bag and you don't lose the milk? If their explanation is that it's a bad batch, I hope they are at least sending you a new batch (and then some) - though I imagine you might be fed up with them completely by this point!

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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Yes, they did send me a new supply of bags. But the more I think about it, the more frustrated I am about the situation. You are right - the purpose of these bags is to freeze them. I finally started putting them in the refrigerator to thaw upside down as the bags have generally leaked from the bottom. It's just less convenient as it can take quite some time for milk to thaw in the fridge.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Oh no!! I am using Lansinoh too. I would be totally upset if all my precious milk was wasted!! I like the idea of thawing in a second baggie so the milk is not wasted. We haven't starting using the freezer stash yet but I am going to start looking into reviews to make sure this is not a recurring issue. If this is the case I might change brands. So sorry this happened to you...I can see how frustrating it must be to spend such all that time pumping and the baby's precious milk go to waste. Have you tried using a second baggie? Let me know if this works for you as I might have to end up doing the same if it's a Lansinoh issue. Thanks for the heads up! Sorry I didn't have any advise for ya since my baby is only one month old. Good luck!!
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I've been using the Lansinoh bags without any problems. It does seem strange that they would use virgin plastic if it's more likely to cause issues though....

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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I've had some leaks with most major brands - I think if you use enough of them you'll eventually get a few leaks. That being said, I get LESS leaks with the Honeysuckle bags than the Lansinoh bags. http://www.choosehoneysuckle.com. The plastic seems thicker than the Lansinoh and they are more reinforced at the bottom.

    I do thaw breastmilk bags within a large ziploc bag to contain any potential leaks, and that has worked well for me.
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Weird -- Lansinoh was the only brand I tried that didn't cause problems for me. Medela and Ameda bags both made my milk smell, causing me to think I had lipase issues only to find out I didn't. My bags got banged around a lot in the freezer and we only had one with a little tear in it. Where are they leaking, exactly? I wonder if you got a bad batch -- even one bad batch is too many, though, when it comes to mommy milk! It's too hard to build a backup stash as it is! So sorry you had this happen, but hoping you can salvage what you have.
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I get some donated milk and I supply my donor mom with lansinoh bags because the medela ones were sooooooo awful and leaky and tough to pour from. The lansinoh bags do sometimes break apart at the seams at the very bottom a little that I notice so I check every bag before I thaw it. I have pumped and I know every drop or fraction of a drop is precious. I treat her milk the same way. I almost cry when I discover a leak. Because I have to transport the frozen bags I also get scuffs on the bags that expose them to leaks as well... so inspect before thawing. Its imperative. Handle the bags gently when they have frozen milk in them. Never set anything on them or push them as a group aside. I put my damaged bags in a large mouth mason jar to thaw at room temp until i can pour the frozen part into a better bag...or leave them overnight in the frige. I get the lansinoh bags very affordably on amazon so I stick with them. Sometimes my donor mom uses the nuk bags and so far I haven't encountered any issues with them. We feel your pain. But you can figure out a good solution.
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I second the vote for Honeysuckle! I switched after almost 2 years of pumping and wish I'd have found them sooner.
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    Default Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Thanks for your replies ladies.

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