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Thread: Fussy baby-Possible thrush??

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    Question Fussy baby-Possible thrush??

    First let my oppologize for how long this is..But I need help
    Curious if anyone has experienced this..My DD is 3mnths old will be 4mnths tommorow ...well the last week or so when I get her home she will nurse and nurse and seem satisfied . So I will stop she will go back to putting her hands in her mouth like she is still hungry. So I will try to nurse again and she will latch on then turn away. then turn to latch on again and turn away. Then sometimes she will cry. She will continue this over and over until she actually latches on. I thought maybe it was just at home. because I noticed she nursed alot when i brought her home when I started her at home care ,but nothing like this. She finally will latch on and finish and go to sleep. I wake her to give her a bath and she will go back to sleep after that with a little nursing. I asked her care provider this morning if she does that there. she said yes that she will warm her breast milk after seeing she is just eating her hands over and over and she wont eat half the time. I am not sure if it is because she has reflux?? but she hadnt done this before. and then I thought maybe because I started feeding her laying down sometimes at night which i just started about a week agao. Or maybe there is something wrong with me because yesterday i had a pain in my breast near my chest. I was thinking maybe I have a yeast infection. But it does not hurt like that today. HELLLPP
    I posted in the new mothers section before I noticed this column. Sorry

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    Default Re: Fussy baby-Possible thrush??

    Have a nosy under her lips to see if you have any white stuff there. Also you may want to have her ears checked just to be sure. Also this could just be a phase, not a fun one I know? Let me know what you find!

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    Question Re: Fussy baby-Possible thrush??

    well I looked last night and there was nothing in her mouth at all. Even the slight coating I noticed on her tongue was gone.This is all so strange!!
    last night I noticed that the center of my breast was kinda hard even after she was done nursing just my right side and she fussed and fussed on that side. What could that be? is is pretty uncomfortble. when I go to pick my DD up if I rest her on that side of my chest it hurts.

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