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Thread: Help!!! Daycare.

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    Ladies, it has been the worst few week. My 1 year old's nanny quit, my daughter is with different people different days, and I'm beside myself. I've missed work a lot and so has my husband. I looked at daycares and they were all not good. I went to the one that looked safest, and she spent her first full day there. The lady I don't think has any experience with babies who are breastfed. All the kids nap at the same time. My daughter is used to different times on different days. I called at lunch time and the lady running it (it's an in home daycare) said she had one concern, and that was why do I not give her a bottle to sleep with. I was baffled by the question. Isabella went straight to a sippy and drinks from that. On the phone I just said that she doesn't sleep with a bottle because she's already on a sippy, and that is appropriate for her age, and that sleeping with a bottle causes mouth problems, so why start? Is there more I should say??? I have been so stressed for a week I haven't been eating or sleeping.

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    It's hard to find good care but if you are happy with this place relax and it give it time. It's totally reasonable for a daycare provider to have all the kids nap at the same time. Your child will adjust.

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    I think as long as the provider is open to hearing how you do things (no, she doesn't get a bottle to sleep with and this is why), then you should be OK.
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    This is not entirely like your situation, but our nanny just told us she's pregnant and will be leaving us at some time in the near future. We have no idea when -- she said we'll have to see how she feels and such. But we're debating daycare versus new nanny. Any chance you can make this temporary (or consider it such) and find a new nanny quickly?
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