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Thread: Fast flow in evening only?

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    Default Fast flow in evening only?

    I have had an oversupply problem that was a result of nursing and pumping my premature daughter (11 weeks actual). Once I began demand feeding (7 weeks actual), the engorgement began and I made the problem worse by continuing to pump. I have been block feeding for about 3 weeks and my supply has evened out and my breasts feel much softer now. I am not pumping at all, as I have a deep freezer full already.

    When I began demand feeding, it seems as if the forceful letdowns and fast milk began. This obviously contributed to the oversupply, as my DD was not draining one side.

    Now, however, my supply is evened out but I am getting very fast milk flowing especially at her 530 pm and 8pm feeds. My breasts do not feel fuller at this time either. This is the only time of the day where she chokes and fusses. Any advice? Thanks so much!

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    I had a fast flow at letdown, regardless of supply. There are a couple things you could try. One being to manually stimulate your letdown and let the fast flow catch in a bottle or a burp rag and then latch your baby on. The other would be to nurse laying back so that the flow is eased by gravity and isn't so forceful in her mouth. That said, as she gets older she will get used to (and possibly even enjoy and demand) that fast flow. Congrats on pumping with a premie. You've overcome a lot!
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    Thanks for your reply Lyn. I have tried all of the positions with not a lot of improvement. I typically start off in a football hold and then will move into one of the positions you suggested once the flow is too strong. I wonder, though, if I should start off in the side-lying position??

    Also, as far as catching the supply in a burp rag....When mt DD unlatches my supply does not continue to spray. I will manually express the milk and it shoots everywhere. I've soaked many a towel! The issue I have with that approach is that I could manually express milk for over 10 minutes at this fast rate. I am reluctant to do this as I feel my body will replenish that supply.

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    What is the baby doing during these evening feedings that makes you think there's a problem? Babies in your baby's age bracket tend to have extremely fussy evenings, during which they may simply be more fussy, more distractible, more cranky, and harder to nurse than average, or they may go to the extreme and cry inconsolably for hours on end.

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    Hi ipeeps are you still nursing on cue? I was wondering, because you mentioned certain times for 'feeds.'

    The only reason I can see that forceful letdown would regularly be more pronounced at one nursing session than another would be if there is a longer stetch of not nursing before that nursing session. More milk build up in the breasts = more 'force' when baby nurses. So one thing to try in that case would be to encourage baby to nurse more often at such times.

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