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Thread: Finding a lactation consultant

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    Default Finding a lactation consultant


    My baby is now six weeks old and I am struggling. She had an anterior tongue tue clipped at 9 days old and I still cannot stop her shallow latch. My nipples are cracked and sore and have been this way since her birth.

    In have been to bf support and was told the latch was fine, it obviously isn't. My question is, how do I go about seeing a lactation consultant? I have googled and there don't seem to be any private ones in the Blackpool area. I really need some professional help!


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    Default Re: Finding a lactation consultant

    OK-Blackpool... That's the UK right? IN any case,

    Here is an international directory. But this may not show all IBCLC's, as it is voluntary (and costs money) to be listed on this site. http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

    Even if they are not listed as private, I suggest calling anyway. They may do some side work or know someone.

    Here is the website for International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. I cannot find a lookup function, but there is contact info for each region. http://europe.iblce.org/

    What breastfeeding support group did you go to? Do they know of any IBCLC’s near you? Or maybe a midwife with lactation assistance experience?
    Also have you contacted your closest La Leche League? IS that the breastfeeding support you went to? Personally I keep up on local IBCLC's so I can help moms who need to see one with a few numbers. Plus some Leaders can be very helpful in person, I am sorry that was not your experience with whoever you saw. You are right, how a latch feels is what to go by, not how it "looks." If one Leader is not able to help, you can try another.


    What about talking to whoever did the tongue tie release? Sometimes these have to be redone. Also, if your were not given exercises to do post release that may be part of the problem.

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