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Thread: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

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    Default Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    My DS, 7mo, had to start antibiotics due to a pesky ear infection. The pharmacist said to give it with food.. Do you guys think giving it with breastmilk would be ok? I don't want to upset his tummy, but he doesn't get solids at the times I have to give him his medicine. TIA

    Ok, I need to get this out to a group of mamas who I know will share my frustration and disgust. I ran into a friends mom over the weekend, who happens to be watching my friend's 2 month old son while my friend is at work. During our conversation, the woman revealed that she's been giving the baby formula in addition to the breastmilk my friend provides, because she doesn't feel the baby is ever satisfied. The baby's mom believes her baby is being EBF, and I feel so bad. I didn't say anything to defend my friend.... I am not very assertive and this woman is particularly aggressive. Anyhow, I know hands down, 100%, that my friend would be crushed, devastated, furious... The list goes on... If she found out. I don't want to get involved... But also feel incredibly guilty knowing that this is going on. What do you guys think? For the first time, I'm relieved that DS goes to a daycare...

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    Default Re: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    I think giving him the antibiotics with breastmilk would be just fine.

    I think you should tell your friend her baby is getting formula while with her child care provider. That's a deal-breaker. I realize you don't want to get involved and it woud be messy though.
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    Default Re: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    I am the same way as you. Non-confrontational to a fault (I guess it's a fault to begin with, hehe).
    Anyway, if I were you I would definitely tell your friend. That is just absolutely wrong. Not because formula is poison or horrible or whatever, but because that woman is being extremely misleading and underhanded.

    Grr that just makes me so mad.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    I agree, I'd want someone to give me the heads-up if someone was feeding my baby something other than what I wanted. Perhaps you could ask your friend to not mention that you said anything? Maybe she could ask her mother if she's feeding her something different - say 'I've noticed her poops are different since I started work' or something along those lines?

    And yeah, I'd say the BM is fine with the antibiotics.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    I would call the doc and ask about whether or not the abx should be given with food. The presence of food in the baby's tummy can alter the rate at which the antibiotics are released into the bloodstream, and breastmilk digests so fast that the antibiotics might enter the bloodstream too fast, or in too high an amount? IDK, it's probably fine. But I would still call and check!

    I would definitely tell your friend what her mom is up to with the formula. If it were your baby, wouldn't you want to know? And I know it can be hard to get involved in a touchy situation involving an aggressive person, but just imagine how your friend might feel if someday she finds out that not only was her mom doing something underhanded, but that you knew and you didn't tell. In the end, you want to maintain your friendship with your actual friend, instead of living in fear of her mean mom.

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