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Thread: could my 3 month old have signs of teething discomfort

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    Default could my 3 month old have signs of teething discomfort

    I didnt kno were else to put this i kno its not a lactation question but i was hoping someone may have some pointers. My older daughter was different...

    My lil girl is about 3 months old. Drooling and chewing on EVVVVVVERYTHING ! will chew your hair if you get to close lol. when shes tired now .. shes a totall mess .. turns red screams throws head back and forth. at first i just summed it up to over tired or maybe gas but shes been fussing with her bottles and chomping her binky and her bottle. she seems to play with her bottle more then eat it leaving the milk to drool out. she chomps her binky so much you can hear the sound of the nipple rubbing together. she chews her bibs and shirts as well. Is it possible the teeth are starting to bugg her even if there not cutting threw? I dont think its the gass bothering her because normaly i can help her with it with a few leg pumps or massage

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    Default Re: could my 3 month old have signs of teething discomfort

    Yes, teething can begin at 3 months, or even earlier. You may not see the first tooth break through for months yet, but the teeth are still moving around under the gums and causing discomfort.
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