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Thread: Exhaustion seems to have hit supply

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    Default Exhaustion seems to have hit supply

    Last weekend I was feeling a bit under the weather and it is still continuing - I have been really exhausted so far this week. I am working all of tomorrow and can't wait for the long weekend.

    Maybe because of the exhaustion, I seem to be having trouble producing enough milk when I pump. I probably have enough milk in store to feed my lo for a day, but I am falling short for the past two days by about 2-3 oz.

    I am just so tired.

    Any advice on what I can do to make up for the lost oz? I think we are good until the long weekend starts but then may be in some trouble...

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    Default Re: Exhaustion seems to have hit supply


    It sounds like you really could use a break! Is there any way you can find time during this long weekend to take a "babymoon"? Retreat to bed with your baby, a bottle of water, some nutritious snacks, and maybe a good book, and just nurse, relax, and enjoy your baby. You and your baby will feel better, and your milk supply with thank you.


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