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Thread: Introducing other liquid to 11 month old

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    Question Introducing other liquid to 11 month old

    My sweet baby boy will be turning 11 months this week. I can't believe we've made it this far EBF, but I have to admit, he has one "habit" I'm really wanting to break.

    Up until now, he's never voluntarily taken a bottle/sippy cup/open cup. The handful of times I've tried to give him water in any of the above he has just played with it and put it down. Every now and then he'll get a drop and other than that it's a fun water toy.

    How can I get him to start taking some kind of vessel for liquids other than ME? I've tried pumping and using breastmilk, he's not interested. I've tried water. I haven't tried juice yet - trying not to go down that road if I can help it, but I'm hitting the point where I'm desperate.

    He's finally starting to eat solids voluntarily, but he wants something to help "wash it down" and unfortunately I'm not willing to let him keep hopping on for a "sip". It's creating a TON of mealtime stress in our home and driving me up the wall.

    Anyone have any advice? I'm so proud of us for making it this long - but I'd really like to make it through just one meal with my top still on.

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    Default Re: Introducing other liquid to 11 month old

    Sorry to laugh at your pain, but this all sounds so familiar! My kids also didn't have much interest in sippies and I rarely made it through a meal without nursing them- at least until they were well over a year!

    I don't think there's any way to hasten the transition to baby drinking from a sippy or other cup. You just have to allow your LO to naturally discover that they are worth using. Keep offering, be patient. And you can start setting reasonable limits on nursing during meals. Start with something small, like "Mommy is going to finish her soup, and then you can nurse" and gradually build up to "You can nurse when dinner is over". Or try "You can nurse, but only until mommy counts to 10". 11 months is quite young for these types of limits, so don't expect them to work perfectly.

    Try to engage your patience! I swear that this is a brief period in your life.

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    Default Re: Introducing other liquid to 11 month old

    Haha! I have absolutely no advice because I'm in the same boat. My 11 month old has zero - zilch - nada interest in cups.

    She takes water as if she's running a marathon: one sip and spit.

    But oh how she loves to nurse mommy while sitting in the high chair.
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