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Thread: Disney and water park

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    Good morning mamas! We are taking the kids to the Magic Kingdom and to a water park in a couple of weeks. I would love some tips for surviving Disney and a day a water park with a nursing baby. I don't even have a bathing suit that fits me! Any thoughts from mamas who have BTDT would be appreciated. TIA!
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    i would definitely get a water carrier for the waterpark day - i have a ring sling out of solar veil and it's UV protective plus dries REALLY fast. and, of course, a bathing suit that fits and that you can nurse in! i like 2 pieces/tankinis and i can pull the top up; i have really huge boobs so pulling the top down usually shows more than i'm comfortable with at the pool (and i'm not shy about NIP). i've heard others tend to like something they can pull down. good luck!
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    Hi mama, that sounds like fun! We did a beach trip when my second baby was six months old. I wore tankinis which worked well for nursing on the beach. You could pair that with an oversized light blouse for better coverage if you like. I'm sure others will have some ideas too!

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