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    Exclamation Please help me

    Ok, DS (1 month old) has been Ebf since birth.
    We had a rough start.
    I saw a LC and she told me I have oversupply and OAL. It was obvious. At the time he was choking
    & his poops were going from yellow to BRIGHT green
    I cried at every feed. But she seriously helped us just by fixing our latch. She didn't seem too concerned with the green poops. Eventually they turned back to yellow and
    DS seemed to adapt to the OAL. And especially loves side laying.
    BF is seriously one of my greatest joys in life.
    I get teary eyed just thinking of giving up so I'm desperate here

    It seems within the last couple of days OAL has gotten WORSE.
    DS fusses on the breast and is cranky most of the time. I attribute this to gas.
    Burping doesn't help, nothing helps. And I can't listen to him cry much longer.

    Someone help me. I don't want to throw in the towel!

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    Overactive letdown can wax and wane over time. Sometimes you'll feel like it's under control, and so memes you'll have a temporary increase in supply and you'll be back to fast letdowns again. The first thing to bear in mind is that this is TEMPORARY. So no need to throw in the towel, especially if you generally enjoy breastfeeding!

    Can you tell us exactly what symptoms you are seeing at this point? Symptoms of OS/OALD can include:
    - frequent feelings of engorgement or fullness
    - frequent and abundant leaking
    - strong letdown sensations
    - if pumping, you may be able to pump multiple oz of milk with ease
    - baby may cough, gag, splutter, or click while feeding
    - baby may "clamp down" on the nipple
    - baby may pull off the breast during feedings
    - if baby pulls off during a letdown, you may see milk squirt or stream from the breast
    - baby may need just one breast per feeding
    - baby may feed very quickly, in as little as 5-10 minutes

    Is the fussiness worst at a particular time of day, perhaps in the evenings? And will baby nurse when he's fussy?

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    Same thing happened to me around 1 month old, and solved easily. Baby started crying All The Time and having explosive poops. Her tummy felt hard and it seemed to be bad gas. I read that the crying itself also makes the tummy hard and gulping down all that air while crying can give them gas, so not sure if I had some kind of a vicious circle going or what. I started block feeding and the crying got better within 24 hours. It was oversupply/OALD, and even though block feeding didn't reduce my supply right away, I think maybe baby got more hindmilk with the block feeding. If you have OALD also unlatch baby when your let-down happens and spray the milk into a towel. You won't have to do that forever, but it really helps with a 1 month old. I think all the spray and gulping was also making mine gulp down air that then gave her gas pains.

    Good luck!

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