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Thread: Try to suck my nipple off!

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    Default Try to suck my nipple off!

    My daughter is almost five months old and is just occasionally nursing (I've been pumping since her birth due to issues, she took to nursing later). Well lately she's been latching on and then pulling her head back really quickly, practically taking my nipple with her! Ouch! It really feels like she's going to pull off my nipple. Is there anything I can do to stop this? She doesn't have any teeth yet but man she sucks really hard. Thank you!

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    Mine does this too and I agree, it is painful! I don't know if it's just a form of play, or what. Maybe some other mamas will know.

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    my LO does this! i tell her 'ouch' and make a face and she gets it. she is almost 8 months tho. i know it hurts!!

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    My sil suggested to me to firmly place your arm behind baby's head and when she pulls apply light pressure in opposite direction. I never had this issue.

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