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Thread: Thrush.....ready to throw in the towel!

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    Default Thrush.....ready to throw in the towel!

    This breastfeeding journey with my almost 4 month old DD has not been an easy one, but I'm really feeling like I can't catch a break! First we had a ton of latching issues, then a possible allergy to cow's milk protein, then my milk souring after only a few days, and now.....thrush!!!! I've faught through all of it because I'm very passionate about nursing my DD, but I'm barely hanging on at this point. Has anyone continued to breastfeed with Thrush? Any advice/tips? Is it easier than it sounds like it will be?!

    I want this so badly for us, why is it seeming to be so difficult? Tears...

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    Default Re: Thrush.....ready to throw in the towel!

    As, mamas, thrush sucks! Can you tell us what you're experiencing, how this was diagnosed, and what you're doing to treat it?

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    Default Re: Thrush.....ready to throw in the towel!

    I agree, thrush totally sucks! I had undiagnosed/misdiagnosed thrush for several months, and looking back, I don't know how I made it through, it was that painful! So glad we stuck it out though. For me, diluted grapefruit seed extract swabbed on my nipples and in LO's mouth was really helpful, as well as canesten cream, or all-purpose nipple ointment if you can get your doc to write a script (there's instructions on Dr. Jack Newman's website). I ultimately had to go on a 2-week course of oral diflucan to get rid of it, and it still has taken a bit for me to feel like we're in the clear. Wash towels/bras/anything that comes into contact with your breasts or milk daily with hot water and vinegar, and air your nipples out as much as you can. There's lots of great info on Dr. Newman's site (good 'candida protocol), and Dr. Jay Gordon's Thrush page as well.

    Hang in there mama, you can do this. Even if you weaned because of this, you'd still have to deal with getting rid of the thrush. I know it is sore beyond description, but as someone who has made it out to the other side, it's totally worth sticking it out.

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