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Thread: When will my milk supply be established?

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    Default When will my milk supply be established?

    My lo is 5 months old and is ebf ( except for the occasional bottle- less then once a month). I want to go out with my girl friends for some much needed girl time and don't want to have to worry about pumping. I'll probably be gone around 6 hrs or so and will be having some drinks. Do I need to worry about my supply taking a hit or is it pretty resilient by this point?

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    Default Re: When will my milk supply be established?

    I wouldn't worry about your supply taking a hit, especially if it's a one time thing. I mean if you were going 6 hours every day without emptying your breasts, that could be detrimental, but doing it here and there won't hurt.

    I would worry about being in discomfort, though. Or leaking. Do you know how to hand express just in case you need to? Or do you have a hand pump that wouldn't be too difficult to bring, maybe leave it in the car just in case you need it?
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    Default Re: When will my milk supply be established?

    Good advice from the PP.
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