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Thread: 1 year old wanting to nurse all night long

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    Default 1 year old wanting to nurse all night long

    So I know this is my own fault for allowing it in the first place but my 12 month old son is getting out of control at night. We co sleep and he is literally trying to nurse all night long and stay latched while sleeping. If I eventually cut him off he whimpers until I offer the breast again. I keep letting this happen so he doesn't start crying and wake up my husband and I even more. But I'm not able to sleep fully while nursing in bed I've never been able to so my sleep has become even less then it normally is which is saying something. I put a small mattress on the floor and nurse him there to sleep and he sleeps for the first couple hours until I come to bed but as soon as he realizes I'm in the big bed next to him he wants up. If anyone has any suggestions on steps to take to get him to only nurse a reasonable amount of times through the night.. Maybe 3 or 4 times for now.. I would love to hear from you.

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    Default Re: 1 year old wanting to nurse all night long

    A lot of mothers notice that their babies revert to newborn type nursing around 12 months. You're not alone! There's a lot going on at this age, developmental milestones, 12 month molars (this is a big one), distraction and mobility during the day (so baby plays catch-up and reconnects with mom at night), etc.

    My advice to you would be to check his gums for new teeth/swelling, and keep in mind that there is a lot going on for him developmentally. How often is he nursing during the day? If he isn't nursing much during the day, I would be inclined to continue to nurse on demand at night.

    If you'd like to decrease the night nursing, some mamas have success with wearing a couple of layers to bed (2 tanks, etc.) so that the breast isn't exposed to baby and the scent isn't so strong. Also, unlatching and patting his back when the nursing session is over may give you the relief that you need. You may find that it's not necessarily the number of sessions, but the length of them - ya know? You could also take a sippy cup to bed with you, and offer a sip of water after nursing (or to break up nursing sessions), but I would only recommend this if he is nursing plenty during the day, as water has zero calories.

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    Default Re: 1 year old wanting to nurse all night long

    i agree with PP - this is very normal behavior, which doesn't help you feel better when you're so tired! especially if it's molars, it will get better. and esp in the winter, it can get very dry at night and a sippy with water can be just the thing he needs.
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