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Thread: Help! Baby only likes one breast.

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    Default Help! Baby only likes one breast.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions or advice.

    My newborn was tongue tied, but we got the surgery to correct this. Unfortunately we didn't discover this until there was already substantial damage to my nipples, especially the right one. I gave this side a day and a half to rest, and now my newborn will not latch without a nipple shield on this side. Even with the shield, she doesn't really like it and only will suck for ten minutes or less before crying in frustration.

    Also, I feel like using the nipple shield on the right is teaching her bad technique, as now it takes her several painful attempts to latch on to the left side too now. I'm sure this has also been caused by our giving her bottles of expressed milk from the neglected breast.

    I'm just not sure what to do at this point...Give up on the right all together? And if so, should I still pump on the right? But then I would still likely have to give her that milk from a bottle which would continue the nipple confusion. (She seems to lose half the milk if we cup feed her.)

    Does anyone have any advice or had any similar experiences?


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    Default Re: Help! Baby only likes one breast.

    What if you try starting on the good side and letting her eat a bit, and then switch to the right? She might have more patience to let you get a good latch if she's not voraciously hungry, you know? Unfortunately I don't have any experience with nipple shields, so I can't really speak to that!

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    Default Re: Help! Baby only likes one breast.

    My son wouldn't latch onto my right side without a nipple shield for a while, too. He always preferred the left side, and so did I, because the latch was better, even after we weaned off the nipple shield. As he got bigger and stronger the latch did get better and less uncomfortable (I don't want to say painful because it was more annoying than painful). The left might always be a favorite but it is too early to give up on the right altogether.

    Nipple shields can make milk transfer harder for her, so maybe try starting her on the nipple shield, then slipping her off and putting your bare nipple back into her mouth. With the milk already flowing she might take it more easily. This is how you eventually wean off nipple shields anyway. And don't worry too much about not getting every latch right the first time. We went through a phase like that, too, where I would have to unlatch him half a dozen times before he did it right, and it was frustrating because I knew he knew what to do but we got through it. Keep at it!

    Good Luck!

    I also wanted to add, once he was over a year and was only nursing a few times a day, that is when we started using the favorite breast exclusively.
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