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Thread: Slow weight gain.....AGAIN!!

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    Default Slow weight gain.....AGAIN!!

    Three years ago when I had DS1 this forum was my saving grace!! We went through slow weight gain with him and his Dr put me through the ringer doing all kind of tests, telling me to stop BFing and give formula. She thought he was allergic to my milk so I was gluten free, dairy and nut free. Fast forward three years later he is barley 25 lbs!! He is a little peanut but sooo full of energy and happiness! I ended up BFing him for 17 months. We did supplement with formula at 6 months but that did not even help with the weight gain. He is just little!!

    In Oct I gave birth to DS2. At his last appt the same Dr told me he had come down on the charts to 4% and she gave me some formula. I went back to work full time just one month ago. Now I am once again worried about DS2 weight gain. I just want to feel like my milk is enough and I am enough for him, ya know? Why does this keep happening. I did get my period back for two months now and for one week I have low supply. When I pump I am short one ounce. I mean if four hours goes by then I might pump 3 ounces. On a normal day I pump 4 ounces (without my period). He is 5 months and has enough wet diapers. Dh feeds him on demand and that averages one ounce per hour. When I am home I also feed him on demand. We co-sleep as well. I am worried that he is not getting enough. He acts happy and he is meeting all his milestones. Dh is home with him while I work. We live pay check by pay check with the milk since I never have a stash. I pump while away and bring back. That is what we use the next time I work so it is always a worry.
    Here is is weight gain:
    Day 1: 5.8Lbs
    Day 3: 5.6 lbs
    5 weeks: 8.5lbs
    9 weeks: 10.3 lbs
    14 wks: 11.7 lbs
    4 months: 12.1lbs
    today he is around 12.12 lbs. (5months).
    It seems like I always have enough for an infant but as they grow it seems like I need more???

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain.....AGAIN!!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*happy.mom303 View Post
    It seems like I always have enough for an infant but as they grow it seems like I need more???
    When you look at the bottles that older formula-fed babies get, it can seem that way! But breastfed babies don't really increase their intake. It stays pretty constant throughout the first year- which probably explains why breastfed babies gain weight most rapidly in early infancy, and then slow down as they get into the middle of their first year.

    I think that if you have one small kid, there's a very good chance that your kids are just genetically programmed to be small.

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