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Thread: Using milk pumped at night

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    My son is almost 2 months old. Before I feed him at night/early morning, I pump a little bit because there's been so much time between feedings and my breasts are very full; otherwise he tends to choke on the fast let-down and/or I spray milk all over him. I usually only pump about 1 or 1.5 ounces per breast so I end up with about three ounces the next day. My question is, is it worth it to save this milk? I assume it's all foremilk and it looks very thin so I'm not sure if I should save it to use as a feeding when he's being baby-sat.

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    Yes, save the milk. There's no such thing as "just foremilk." All milk contains everything a baby needs to grow and develop, no matter if it comes from the beginning of the feeding or the end. "Foremilk" may be relatively lower in fat and higher in water than "hindmilk", but it's not bad for the baby. A baby who eats nothing but so-called "foremilk" will grow and develop just fine, provided he gets enough of it.

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    Oh please save and freeze any extra milk you get! I wouldn't waste a drop if I had a little overage like that!

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