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Thread: Paediatrician wants me to supplement...

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    Unhappy Paediatrician wants me to supplement...

    At my daighter's 8 week check up the paediatrician advised that she has dropped two centiles on the growth chart and that I will need to supplement. He said to keep Breastfeeding but to also give her at least 1ounce of formula after each feed, and more if she still appeared hungry. He gave me a copy of the growth chart he gave me. The next day I saw the public health nurse to have her re-weighed and to ask for advice (no la leche group nearby). The nurse said that the wrong growth chart had been used (based onbottle fed data). She checked the weights and marked LO's growth on the breastfed growth chart. LO has dropped just over one centile.

    I've seen a lactation consultant. We have no latch issues. I am taking brewers yeast and fenugreek. I have also been pumping (Medela swing). I feel very disappointed that I cannot meet her feeding needs. We nurse every 1 to 2 hours. We co-sleep. I feed on demand, even though it's extremely tiring. She has 2 to 3 poopy nappies and 10 to 12 wet nappies. She is a happy baby who looks happy and smiles all of the time. I feel very disappointed in myself and unsure as to where to go from here. I enjoy Breastfeeding, but I don't seem able for it...

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    By centile, do you mean quartile? (i.e., I assume you meant your baby had dropped further in the charts than one percentage point, which is not even statistically detectable).

    I think you need a new paediatrician, one who is more familiar with breastfed babies. That he used the wrong growth chart is a big alarm bell to me. What did the LC and public health nurse have to say? They may be reluctant to contradict your doctor's advice, but you might get a sense of what they thought about it anyway. Also, might either of them be a good resource for a second opinion? Did the LC do a before/after weighing to see how much the baby is able to get from you? (You need a very sensitive scale and to do this multiple times for it to be accurate, but if done well, it can help you assess if there is a problem)

    Don't give up on breastfeeding. If you do think you need to supplement, do it with your own pumped milk, NOT formula except as a last resort. Since breastmilk production is on supply-and-demand, every ounce of formula you feed your baby is an ounce you are telling your body NOT to produce.

    Can you give us some numbers for the weighings? Also, was it based on the initial weight at birth[edited for clarity] or the weight measured after the initial weight loss that is typical in the first few days after birth?

    You may also find this helpful: http://kellymom.com/health/growth/we...n-calc-metric/

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    Default Re: Paediatrician wants me to supplement...

    Also, based on the baby's poo and pee output,I am not at all convinced there is a problem with your breastfeeding (what comes out must have gone in, after all...).

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    Can you post a complete weight history for your baby? Birth weight, lowest weight, weight at each checkup? And has baby always been weighed on the same scale, in the nude?

    How does nursing feel? Is it at all painful? Is baby particularly sleepy, perhaps dozing off after a few sucks?

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    I agree with the other ladies. ONLY weight is NOT a sole indicator as to if you need to supplement or not. Weight is only one criteria. There's weight, height, milestones (following with eyes, smiling, maybe trying to roll?), diaper output, if baby has gone through a growth spurt (if height has just jumped, weight might slow as all energies went into height). Using the WHO chart which is breastfed based rather than formula based.... Just make sure you're looking at the big picture.
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    Many pedis are just clueless about breastfeeding. Your baby has 10-12 wets everyday. It sounds like your breastfeeding is going on just fine (Very good in fact)! My pedi has always told me to supplement. I just give him a blank look and ignore him.
    Keep up the good work mama! If you want to have more milk, don't supplement at all!

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