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Thread: Nursing on demand and solid introduction

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    I feel my DS is ready for solids because he shows all the signs that he is ready. With our pedi's go-ahead, we plan on starting soon. However, I'm confused about when to offer solids. I fully intend to nurse DS as long as he'll let me, so I definitely want to do this gradually. DS is nursed on demand; we don't have a schedule at all. When he's hungry, he gets fed. How do I fit solids into this type of schedule? How do I fit pumping for cereal into this type of schedule? I really want to use freshly pumped milk for cereal if possible instead of stored milk or formula.


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    Hi mama, nursing before solids before age 1. It doesn't really matter what time of day you offer solids at the beginning, though eventually you want baby eating meals with the family. The best time to pump is usually in the morning, when you have the most milk - you can just pump 0.5 ounce to an ounce after a morning nursing session, that should be plenty to mix in with cereal.
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    What the PP said. In addition, breastmilk (or formula) should make up the majority of baby's nutritional intake until 1, with solids only complementing it, not replacing it. So up until a year, don't think for one moment about your baby needing to eat "meals" of solid foods. Nothing about solids as something you do for fun. When the baby has nursed, and you're looking for something fun to try, then you give baby some solids to play with. And I do mean play! If he eats some, great. If he only tastes them and then spits them out, great. And if he won't even taste them, preferring to explore the solids with his hands, still great. It's all about having fun and letting baby get into solids at his own pace.

    After one (or thereabouts), your baby will start to need some solids in his diet. But as long as you continue to nurse on demand, he may remain pretty uninterested until he's into the middle of his second year, maybe even closer to two. Breastmilk alone meets all a baby's nutritional needs until around the first birthday, after which the transition to a majority-solids diet is often gradual and slow. It's not like a baby goes to bed at 364 days needing only mama's milk, and wakes up on day 365 needing a ton of solids!

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    Here's what I do: DS nurses sometime around 5 or 6 am, so when he wakes for the day an hour or two later, he doesn't want to nurse (too busy! wants to play). So I get out my pump, pump about 3 oz. for his breakfast and dinner. He's 9 months and eats 2x/day. I mix about 1.5 oz with each meal (mix with cereal, then add fruits or veggie purees). It seems like just from the morning pumping I always have enough milk for the day and usually some to carry over, which eventually leads to another bag for the freezer the next day when I pump again. You may not want to pump that much, as pp have suggested less is needed at first for only 1 meal. I like to, especially since my LO doesn't want to nurse again until about 10:30 when he takes a nap, so that also helps me get some relief in between nursing at 5 and 10. But you may find that your LO responds entirely differently. Just try some things out and you'll both figure out what works!

    Also, good choice to mix cereal with bm rather than formula (I know pp who use juice, which sounds like a terrible idea!). That's one of the reasons I like cereal--I can add bm to his diet at times when he's not interested in nursing, usually in the morning and evenings. Somehow, when he's "awake" and active, he will eat solids but spends less than 5 mins nursing.

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