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Thread: Back for another whinge

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    Sending you a big hug! Jeez - what on earth is wrong with people??! Honestly, I think that people who are so crazy anti-breastfeeding are overcompensating. I've experienced it in my husband's family and I just don't get it. Their choices are theirs; yours are ... YOURS. I think they feel threatened about their own choices and motivations, so they look to pull you down on yours. Chin up. You're doing great. Breastfeeding is a truly wonderful, loving accomplishment.
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    Thanks everybody. And apologies for the delay in replying - I caught the bug and did some serious vomiting!
    Even my usually supportive husband said, 'how are we going to feed the baby?'

    Anyway, I think we turned a corner because I made it clear that it wasn't even up for debate, I packed my eldest off and took my baby to bed and just nursed and chucked up for 3 days! And we all survived! (I even lost a few pounds!)

    Thanks for everyone's kind words, I am newly bolstered, ready to be knocked down again

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    yay! i hope you have turned the corner on the bug too...
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