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Thread: 7 weeks and counting

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    OK Then, Where to begin . . . I was told at two weeks that I needs to start supplementing and stupid me I caved and started because I thought I hadn't started producing milk yet BUT after seeing a LC I was told other wise and got rather annoyed with believing the doc and not only was i dealing with the dissapointment of not feeding my daughter by myself i was majorly concerned with the weight she had lost. even though it wasn't a full lb i went into a sad spot for that week. but with using the formula i decresed my milk supply and at that time i didn't have a pump so then increased the depression. a few days after that a light shined and in came the pump but when i would feed her she wanted to eat for 4 hours straight and then would sleep for 3 hours so i never really got a chance to pump unless she was asleep and when i do pump i am lucky to get an oz from both. the most i have ever gotten was 3 oz combined and she hadn't eaten in 4 hours. now she seems to be eating ever 2 hours so i have the chance to pump now but still only get maybe an oz to 2 oz combined. i have tried fenugreek and lacation cookies and both made her even more gassy than she already is so i stopped them. So when I am home all day with her she seems to be getting enough just without me pumping and having to give her extra but when i have to work (just a couple of hours on weekends) i have none on stock for dad to use so she gets formula so if there is something else i haven't tried please let me know

    BUT thats not even the reason I am writing . . . she is now teething (YES only at 7 weeks but they are there I am not lying) and drooling and chewing on her fist. she has started to take a min or two to latch on since this started and she has always latched on great and never had nipple confusion even with using bottles thankfully until now for some odd reason, it was our normal 430 feeding and she latched on the left just fine but when i moved her to the right something felt wrong so i went to unlatch her and i didn't have to use the jaws of life to unconnect her like i normally have too. i just fell out with barely pulling. so now it hurts like a B now to feed her and her mouth is open and nothing has changed that I can tell so i am wondering if it has to do with teething or if ths is nipple confusion. I don't see the signs of thrush either but i am at a stand still . . .

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    HI I am sorry your post seems to have been missed.
    I believe you that your baby is teething. babies can be born with teeth! Drooling and chomping on hands can be a hunger sign OR a sign of teething, and later, can simply mean baby has discovered her hands. But no matter what the reason, offering to nurse may help and will not hurt. It should not HURT YOU to nurse a teething baby, although of course if baby actually bites you (with or without teeth) that hurts.

    Nipple confusion is a catch-all term that people use for lots of issues. If a baby who has been gettign a bottle starts to hurt mom when nursing, then yes the bottle may have contributed to that problem but the problem itself is that baby is not latching well. Also it very often will take some time for issues from bottle feeding to arise. issues casued or contributed to by bottle use include: baby chomping on mom and/or poor latch, baby unable to nurse effectively, baby losing interest in nursing, and baby refusing the breast.

    Your pump output sounds pretty normal for a mom who is also nursing. But so much depends on other factors. How much are you expecting to be able to pump? What kind of pump are you using? Is it comfortabel to pump?

    Thush has many other signs aside from nipple pain when nursing, although in some cases only pain is present. Not usually though. Are your nipples red/unusually pink, shiny, flaky? Pain in between feedings? Itching? Deep breast shooting pain?

    Are you still having the pain? Are you still nursing? Still pumping? How much is baby getting via a bottle?

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