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Thread: Some small problems, 1 month into breastfeeding

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    Default Some small problems, 1 month into breastfeeding

    Hi all,

    I got a pretty rocky start to breastfeeding and probably wouldn't be still doing it if I hadn't 1) promised myself to try to get to 6 weeks and 2) spent a lot of money on my breast pump. This last week (week 4) things have certainly gotten better although not without problems and still occasional pain.

    Recently in just my right breast I've been feeling a lot of itchiness, and just noticed two little white bumps on my aerola / montgomery's tubercles that look almost like white heads. It hurts a little, but mostly it's all just itchy. Could this be thrush? I don't have any other thrush symptoms and my baby doesn't have a diaper rash or white cheeks although he does have a little white on his gums where his teeth would be. It doesn't look curdy at all though. My other breast is fine.

    I do have some cracks I think on both sides although they are fortunately not getting any worse now that I think we have our latch down and it's mostly pain free. Sometimes however he gets very frustrated, particularly on my left breast, pulling on and off and side to side. Mostly he's pretty happy though and overall has been gaining weight and making the right number of diapers. Initially right after birth his weight dropped 11% but he had gained half his birth weight back three days later when we went to the doctor, who thinks we are doing great with weight gain. Yesterday he seemed to be having a growth spurt and was nursing every hour - for the last two days actually - but today he's back to every two or three hours as he usually was.

    I did receive antibiotics, I had a planned c-section because he was over 10 lbs, and I am using a nipple shield, which I honestly really like. I may try weaning him off it but not until breastfeeding has been less stressful and easy street for a little while...

    Anyone have any thoughts on what the white dots or itchiness might be? And for that matter, what might cause his occasional fussiness? I've heard under production, over production, and sometimes I just think he's having a bowel movement at the same time.... Thanks for any help anyone has!

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    Default Re: Some small problems, 1 month into breastfeeding

    I think that thrush is a definite possibility, both due to the fact that you had antibiotics, and that this is a newer symptom. Also, the cracks would mean easy access for yeast! You do not need to see white patches in baby's mouth for thrush to be present, and in my case, it did affect one side worse than the other. It could also explain his fussiness and the pulling off the breast frequently (my LO did that too, and that's part of what tipped off the LC to thrush). Have you checked out Dr. Newman's candida protocol http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP and Dr. Jay Gordon's http://drjaygordon.com/breastfeeding/thrush.html ? If you do decide to try some of the suggestions, keep in mind that the baby needs to be treated also, even if he's not symptomatic, otherwise you'll just pass it back and forth. I particularly found the GSE extract swabbed in LO's mouth, as well as probiotics for both of us, to be helpful. Also, don't be afraid to see your doctor about this issue or consult with an LC!

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    Default Re: Some small problems, 1 month into breastfeeding

    I agree that you should definitely see your doc and/or and LC.

    If it's yeast/thrush, which I had early on too, I liked gentian violet for a treatment (also described by Dr. Jack Newman) in combo with his all purpose nipple ointment (APNO). You need a script for the APNO, which most drs/obs usually give out without much question, but not for the GV. The GV applies at night (when you will have the longest time between feeds); I used a q-tip and painted each nipple and areola. Then nurse baby; it will also treat him at the same time. I always went back and applied a bit more GV since his nursing removed some of it. Dr. Newman recommends 3-7 days; I did this for 5 days for a good middle ground, though I know people who've only done it for 3. Less is best b/c you don't want to overmedicate baby (my sister's LO got sores in her mouth from it but mine was absolutely fine). I also applied APNO after each feed for my cracks. Big warning--GV is MESSY! The purple will get on baby's mouth, cheeks, clothes, hands, anything else that goes in the mouth. You will want to wear old clothes and disposable breast pads (all cotton, no plastic; I like the Johnson & Johnson ones). Baby's mouth will be stained for several days after the last treatment; he will look like a clown! If you get GV on any clothing, burp cloths, etc, soaking in rubbing alcohol and scrubbing it out in water may take out the stain. Just don't put him or you in anything that you care a lot about. Also, if it's yeast, yeast can live on clothes, bras, burp cloths, etc, so you will want to wash those out good--best advice is to soak in vinegar water solution, wash in hot water. Hope it's not yeast b/c it's a big pain!

    Try to make it past 6 weeks. I had lots of difficulties, extreme pain at some points, and cried a lot about it. But I remained committed to bfing, saw lots of LCs, drs, read "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" (LLL publication), and visited this forum. I hope you have good support people around you as well. Just take things day by day. Think about the positive things you have: the shield seems to be working good, baby is happy, gaining weigh, making poops/pees . I'm at 9 months now, and I am so glad that I stuck to it. Good luck mama! Wishing you the best.

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