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Thread: 3 meals a day, how much milk should baby get?

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    Default 3 meals a day, how much milk should baby get?

    I have had to put a rush on weaning my 10mth baby for my own health reasons. He eats solids, 3 meals a day. I have been pumping milk for him for a few days now. Before this decision was made he would always nurse 1st thing in the morning, before meals, bedtime and twice in the night. I would like to know how often I should be pumping as well as how many ounces he needs. Does anyone know?? At first I was just pumping one side 2-3 times a day now I have to pump both sides. Baby's teeth have been creating tears on my nipples, this is why I have to pump now. So far he is accepting the milk fine from a sippy cup. I'm just concerned I'm not pumping enough for him.
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    Default Re: 3 meals a day, how much milk should baby get?

    Hi mama, a 10 month old baby needs 24-32 oz a day. If you want to switch to all pumping you should be pumping at least as many times as you were nursing - usually at least 8 times/24 hours. And maybe a little more; sometimes the pump is not as effective as nursing. Do you have a good pump? A double electric if you are pumping full time for a prolonged period. Are you planning on doing this just until the tears heal?

    Here are some suggestions from kelly mom about biting and treating biting-related tears:

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