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Thread: I think it needs to be time

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    good luck!
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    Well, I guess it's going pretty good so far. I haven't nursed since 5 a.m. on Friday morning. He did remarkably well going to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights, but he woke up 4 times as much as he used to. Do you think that will pass? He calls for me, but doesn't ask for milk. Now he asks for the "rock chair" - which is unbelievable to me! But, it means that I can't doze next to him while we nurse... I have to sit in the rocking chair, and then pray he stays asleep when I put him on the mattress. Does this sound like it's part of the weaning process? Or is he always going to be this horrible of a sleeper?!
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    It's very unlikely that he's going to be 15 and waking you up in the middle of the night, needing you to rock him to sleep. But some degree of nighttime parenting should be expected throughout the early childhood years. There's a spectrum- there are easy kids who don't need anything more than a bedtime story and a goodnight kiss at night, and then there are kids who continue to night-wake and require a lot of parental comfort in the night. I have easy kids- they want a story, a back rub, to be tucked in, and then they're usually good until morning unless they have a nightmare or are feeling sick. But I have friends whose 7 year-old needed someone to come and sleep with him every night.

    Good luck! I hope your LO is one of the easy ones.

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