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Thread: 2 year old that doesnt want to wean

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    Default 2 year old that doesnt want to wean

    My almost 2 year has no desire to quit weaning, but this mama is tired and ready to wean. She only nurses at night at this point but when I try to tell her no or stick the paci back in her mouth she gets angry. She throws a fit and gets very mad. What other options are there for night weaning. She does nurse before bed but I dont let actually fall asleep while nursing. We have always co-slept but recently we have tried her daddy and her co sleep and I sleep in another room but now she just crawls off of the bed with him and comes to me and wants to nurse and she wants to rub my boobs the entire time which is aggravting me as well. Im just ready to wean and be done. I need some help with this process please. Thanks yal!

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    Default Re: 2 year old that doesnt want to wean

    Things that can help, when night-weaning a toddler:
    - Communication. Before bed, tell your LO that the sun is going to sleep, mama and papa are going to sleep, and nursing is going to sleep. Let let your LO know that she can nurse in the morning when the sun wakes up- I think you might need it by that point! In the morning, communicate the lesson again: "Hey, everyone slept all night long! Now that the sun is up, let's nurse."
    - Avoid easy-access sleep tops. It's much harder to fend your child off when she already has her hands or mouth where you don't want them. I'd consider wearing a double layer or a sleep bra- anything that makes it harder for her to access you.
    - Keep a bottle or a sippy cup of water available for nighttime wake-ups. Night-nursing toddlers are sometimes genuinely thirsty.
    - Be consistent. Yes, kids often throw a fit when denied night-nursing. But you do not have to give in if you don't want to.
    - Be patient and loving, offering lots of extra attention and love during this emotional time.

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