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Thread: Mirena bc and nursing

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    Default Mirena bc and nursing

    Ive had Mirena for almost 3 months and feel my milk supply is very low to the point I have to formula feed. has anyone else had a problem? Should I get it out?

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    Default Re: Mirena bc and nursing

    Hi mama, welcome to the forum! It's possible the mirena is contributing to low supply, since it is hormone (progesterone)-releasing. Do you want to tell us more about your situation? How old is your baby? What makes you feel your supply is low? When did it start? How many times a day are you nursing? How much formula are you using? Have you had any problems breastfeeding - latch problems for example? Are you pumping at all?

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    Default Re: Mirena bc and nursing

    Some moms do feel that Mirena causes them problems with supply.

    The PP asked excellent questions. The answers to them can help us know whether or not the supply issue is real, or just an issue of perception.

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