I am wondering, whether teething-related nursing strikes affect bottle-fed babies (maybe it should be called a bottle-strike). Because last week my lo was crazy teething and totally refused the breasts in the day for 3 days. We are ebf and he doesn't take a bottle or a pacifier. He wasn't big on solids yet so I struggled to feed him in the day (spoon, syringe, cup, straw, you name it) as I was worried he might get dehydrated. But he would have none of all those. I think it was because his gums were in pain and could not tolerate anything touching his sore gums (he was however willing to suck on a piece of chilled water melon). However my husband thinks it is because I have not been 'training' him to use a bottle and a spoon all these while, so he does not want it simply because he doesn't know how to, and not because of sore gums. And if I did, I would not have to worry about lo getting dehydrated.

Any insights ladies?