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Thread: preparing to leave to work

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    Question preparing to leave to work

    I have a 6 week old boy, exclusively breastfed.I must return to work when he is about3 month old (in 6 weeks). I would like to start pumping and storing milk to prepare for that time. What "schedule" should I be using: pumping after each feeding (he eats every 2-3 hours)? Will there be enough milk for him after pumping for the next upcoming feed time?

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    Most women pump after a morning feeding, you could wait about a half hour if you wanted. You need enough milk for one day or a little more than that, and then your baby can drink what you pumped the previous day your 2nd day at work. There will always be milk for him and if you pump about 30 min after he nurses you'll have plenty of time to make more. Definitely don't pump after each feeding. Do you have a plan for pumping at work and a good pump? Aim to pump every 3 hrs at work (or don't go longer than 3 hrs between nurse/pump sessions) to maintain your supply.
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    Do you think it is wise to start sooner to accumulate supply before returning to work? Few weeks in advance?

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    Hi mama, you need 1 - 1.5 ounces of milk per hour apart from baby. So if you're going to be apart from baby 10 hours, you need 15 ounces for the first day apart. Then you pump each day for the next day, like krystine said. So if you start 3 weeks before you go back to work, let's say, you would need to pump less than one ounce per day in order to get to 15 ounces. Starting pumping a few weeks in advance should be fine. You should also start thinking about introducing the bottle at this point. By six weeks the breastfeeding relationship is usually well-established in an exclusively breastfed baby, so nipple confusion isn't a worry the way it would be in a younger baby. And sometimes babies become resistant to the bottle as they get older. So you might want to do a little pumping now - not even every day - and start getting baby used to the bottle. Again, does not need to be every day.

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