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Thread: Genital Herpes and sore nipples

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    Everytime i have a Genital Herpes episode, i also suffer from very sore nipples when my baby nurses. Has anyone else experienced this? I know for sure that i dont have the Herpes virus on my nipples, i have it only on my genitals.
    I am taking Zelitrex daily, try to rest and not feel too stressed but i still have episodes all the same.
    I know herpes over sensitises your body and it feels like i get a reduction in my milk production, which then makes baby suck more and harder to get milk out which probably is contributing to my sore nipples.
    Ahhh anyone else had this and do you know of anything that helps?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Genital Herpes and sore nipples

    Has this not happened to anyone else?

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    Default Re: Genital Herpes and sore nipples

    I don't have any personal experience with this, and don't know a lot about genital herpes, however, I would think that there's a possibility that your sore nipples don't have anything to do with the Herpes. Are your nipples mishapen when the baby is done nursing? Do they always hurt the same, or are there times when it's better? I'm just thinking that it could be a latch issue, or maybe something like tongue or lip tie?

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    with the PP. You know that expression "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras"? It means that you're supposed to suspect common causes first, not-so-common causes second. If the hoofbeats in this case are sore nipples, then the horse (common cause) would be a latch issue or an infectious agent (bacteria or yeast being the likely culprits), and the zebra (less likely cause) would be a complication of the herpes outbreak.

    That being said, I did a quick google and it seems that herpes can cause neuralgia (intense, typically intermittent pain that occurs along the course of a nerve) in parts of the body which are unaffected by the lesions.

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