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Thread: Using cabbage leaves WHILE breastfeeding?

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    Default Using cabbage leaves WHILE breastfeeding?

    Hi. Im new here. I tried looking around in the forum for an answer to this but haven't found any [yet]. I hate to re-post but I still doubt anybody would be desperate and dumb enough to ask such lame questions.

    Thing is, if I use cabbage leaves and feed my 2y/o, will I eventually dry up? Yes I'm trying to be gradual with weaning.

    Here's the detailed situation: I've got a band-aid on my left n I tell him it's ouchie and I feed him with my right only. Will it work? He believes what I say. I could band-aide both sides but I don't want to cut him off completely so abruptly because he still nurses to bed.

    Also, he hardly nurses for 10-15 minutes while he's trying to sleep [the rest of the day he demands for doodoo only when he's bored or thirsty so distraction usually works], how long would it take for my milk to dry up?

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    Default Re: Using cabbage leaves WHILE breastfeeding?

    Given how much you are nursing right now, your supply is probably pretty low already. The cabbage leaves are probably not necessary in terms of your comfort. That said, my understanding is that you will continue to have some level of milk supply for potentially months after you stop nursing under normal circumstances. So it kind of depends on why you want to use the cabbage. Is the idea that if the milk dries up he won't want to nurse anymore? You may find if he's already at the stage of just comfort nursing/nursing to sleep, that getting milk is not the primary driving force behind his desire to nurse.

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    Default Re: Using cabbage leaves WHILE breastfeeding?

    Excellent information from the PP. I just want to second her point that not having milk does not necessarily remove a child's interest in nursing- many kids are happy to "dry nurse" when milk supply dries up due to pregnancy. If you're thinking that no milk = weaning, you might be disappointed.

    How long you'll continue to have milk is very variable. Some women notice that their milk is utterly gone within a few weeks of complete weaning, while others will continue to see milk for months or even years!

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