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Thread: Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

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    Default Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

    I have found so much help from other threads as my LO and I learn the art of breastfeeding, but I still have a few questions.

    My DD is 9.5 weeks old. We have had our ups and downs but are doing relatively well with nursing right now. I am going back to work FT in 2.5 weeks and I have a few concerns.

    My first question is about sleeping and pacifier use. The past week, she falls asleep around 6-7pm with the pacifier then spits it out and then wants it back somewhere between 1-3 am. I let her do that for 2 nights but I was concerned about hunger. However, if I feed her instead of giving the pacifier she will eat a little then stay awake for 2-3 hours with or without the pacifier and wants to be held or "play". I woke her up at 6:45 the last two mornings and she ate well but did not appear overly hungry (no grunting, crying, fist pumping that she does if I am not quick enough). I don't know how long she would sleep if I let her. Her weight has been consistently in the 75th percentile (on dr chart for all babies, not just EBF). She is nursing 6-7 times per day and is generally pleasant. I don't want to have to spend half the night awake with her unless she needs it. Is it a problem to let her sleep 10+ hours?

    My second question is about using the bottle. She will likely get 2-3 bottles per day. We started this week with one bottle per day to help transition. She takes the bottle well but when I nurse the next feeding, she latches on and off very frequently (several times per minute) and appears frustrated. She will eat but it takes a long time and is not her normal enjoyable experience. I am worried once she gets even more bottle feedings each day Is this nipple confusion, and how concerned should I be and what should I do about it?


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    Default Re: Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

    I think that nighttime pacifier use is not a problem as long as the baby is generally nursing well and gaining weight at a normal pace, and as long as the paci isn't being used in a way that allows mom to skip nighttime feedings when the baby is actually hungry. The one things that worries me a little is that your baby's nursing frequency is already quite low for a 9 week-old. Most babies that age need to nurse at least 8x per day to get their needs met. So if you can find a way to allow nighttime feedings without them resulting in you all being up too much at night... I think that might be a good idea.

    I think that any mom who is returning to work should be alert to the possibility of nipple confusion. What you describe could be nipple confusion, or it could just be normal infant behavior. But make sure you use slow-flow bottle nipples and paced feeding in order to make the bottle-feeding experience as much like breastfeeding as possible.

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    Default Re: Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

    Thanks for your response! She hit 8 feedings yesterday and looks on track for that today as well. Maybe she was just a little off for those few nights. She refused the paci and ate twice last night. Needless to say, she keeps me on my toes!

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