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Thread: Flat Nipples :(

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    Unhappy Flat Nipples :(

    My baby is 17 days old and I've been having to use the Medela Nipple Shield and the Medela nipple shells to draw out my nipples. The only time baby will latch onto my actual nipple without the shield is after I pump, but by that time I feel as though not a lot of milk is coming out for baby.

    How can I fix this issue of flat nipples and ween baby off of this nipple shield?! Please help!! This barrier of silicone is blocking the precious bonding time

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    Time. I didn't use a shield with my son, but had very flat nipples. With time, they drew out. I just had to be really conscious of his latch and work on it if it wasn't quite right.
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    I had the same issue. The pumping really drew them out and we did use the nipple shield the first few mos. Now they are very not-flat and I don't think they'll go back to being flat.
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    Can you see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC? Hands-on, professional help is probably your best shot at fixing this now, instead of waiting for time to do its magic. It's especially important to see a LC if you're using a shield, since shields can in some instances reduce stimulation to and milk removal from the breast, resulting in lowered supply or a baby who has difficulty getting fed.

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    If the only way your baby can latch is with a shield, using that is lightyears better than pumping and bottle feeding ,the only other alternative in that case. You can still bond with your baby while using a shield, your baby is bonding with YOU not only your nipple and areola. Plus she can play with, lick, mouth, and sleep on your bare breast even if she cannot latch on yet.

    But do not use a shield just because someone told you your nipples were flat and you thus need it. Often babies can nurse on so called 'flat' nipple just fine. Also, often nipples are flat due to birth interventions and will not be so for long. It takes most of us time to get teh hang of latch and nursing, no matter how our nipples are shaped.

    So keep trying everything to encourage baby to latch and nurse very frequently, and only use the shield when baby cannot latch without. Keep working on improving latch, and you will be able to wean off the shield.

    OK here are my favorite latch and positioning ideas. See if any of this is something you have not tried. Also, sometimes it takes trying the same things several times before it 'clicks'

    Tips on latch and positioning http://www.llli.org/faq/positioning.html

    Laid back position http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    laid back video http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/video/bn3clip.html

    Here are two simple pictorials, one on latch, one on tongue tie http://cwgenna.com/quickhelp.html

    latch and 'Breast sandwich' article http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/lv/lvfebmar04p3.html

    What is normal in the early weeks with a breastfed baby http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    Help-my baby won’t nurse! http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Nipple shields-includes lots of suggestions for weaning off the shield- http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/wean-shield/

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