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Thread: Cut/pin point hole in nipple/areola

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    Default Cut/pin point hole in nipple/areola

    I have been suffering from pain of a small hole like tear on my nipple. It is more located where the nipple meets the areola. It showed shortly after treatment from thrush. It is causing my entire nipple to hurt to the point I want to scream when I nurse. I've been using nystatin and aquafor for a week and a half now. No improvement. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any suggestions for treatment. I'm going back to my primary doctor tomorrow. Thinking I should get a referral for a dermatologist. I just don't know that one would know what to do with a breastfeeding mother. I'm reaching the point where I want to just give baby the right breast and stop nursing the left sore breast all together until it heals. I know that would just create more problems. I don't know what else to do...

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    Default Re: Cut/pin point hole in nipple/areola

    I had something similar months ago after using gentian violet for thrush. I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but mine was at the base of the nipple, where it meets the areola. It looked like a small, circular chunk of skin was missing. It was raw looking and a bit sensitive, but not that painful. How/when it was damaged I have no idea; I'm thinking the gentian violet dried out the skin and it was easily torn then. It didn't give me many issues because it's not where LO's teeth (or gums, before he got teeth) rubbed while nursing. I put the APNO ointment on it for several weeks to avoid infection. Honestly, it took a few months for the area to look like it was regrowing the skin that went missing. Even now (and it's been 7 months since the initial injury) I can still see an indentation where it was, though it is healed now.

    What you've described sounds worse! I'm very sorry that you are having such painful issues. If you don't have access to APNO, you can try a different combo of OTC meds that an IBCLC nurse recommended to me: mix Polysporin (not neosporin) with miconzole. But honestly I would do what others have recommended and see a dr, possibly a dermatologist. If you see a general practitioner or ob, you might have them do a culture of the wound and/or breastmilk just to make sure you don't have a fungal (yeast) or bacterial infection. I've had mastitis a few times in which the breast has been red and painful, and the culprit has been staph, cureable with clindmycin. If I were you, I'd rule out any type of infection before proceeding with other OTC or home remedies.

    Until then, I would try: pumping exclusively on that breast to ease the pain and give the wound time to heal, especially if you are worried about protecting the supply or getting mastitis from milk that is just setting in the breast and not moving (a concern if the wound is infected with bacteria). Also, if you need to bf on that side, try positioning LO in a way that the teeth or other parts of the mouth don't rub the wound. You can also do a saline/salt-water rinse (about 1 tsp of salt for 1 cup of warm water) after feeding to kill bacteria; I would mix the ingredients in a shallow cup/bowl, then lean over and dip the breast/nipple into it for about 60 seconds, then pat dry, apply whatever ointment you are using.

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