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Thread: Help! My 19 months old can't fall asleep without nursing!!!

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    Default Help! My 19 months old can't fall asleep without nursing!!!

    Hi Everyone!
    I am desperate for advice. My daughter is 19 months old and has been nursed to sleep for every nap and bedtime. These are the only two times a day that she nurses.
    I am returning to work and need to stop the naptime feeding. We want to begin trying to conceive and I am not getting my period because of breastfeeding. I am ready to wean. I loved breastfeeding, but it is time for me to stop. My daughter feels the opposite!
    Crying it out does not work for us. My daughter is extremely strong-willed and will cry relentlessly. I am the only person who puts her to bed and she does not want my husband to put her to bed. If I put her in the crib, she tries to climb out. If I lay with her, she gets up and runs to the door. If I rock her standing or sitting, she arches and fights me.
    I need help! I have done numerous internet searches, read books, forums, etc. I need to teach her to fall asleep without nursing. We have tried lovies, music, singing, rocking. We have a bedtime routine. I've tried limiting her nursing sessions. Even when she is almost asleep, she wakes and screams if I stop nursing her 90% of the time.
    I'm desperate...please offer advice! What has worked? It breaks my heart because I know she loves nursing, but I am ready to stop and more importantly she needs to learn to fall asleep without nursing.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Help! My 19 months old can't fall asleep without nursin

    I don't have much advice because my daughter is only 9 months old and 19 month-olds are a mystery to me (a scary mystery ) but I just wanted to tell you that I nurse my daughter to sleep--it's the only way I've ever been able to put her to sleep--and yet, she naps and goes to bed just as easily (which is to say, not always easily, but with no more of a struggle) when I'm not there (when she's home with dad or grandma or at daycare). I am flabbergasted at how anyone gets her to sleep without nursing, because I sure can't do it, but I have to conclude that when I'm not there, she just doesn't expect to nurse, and she still gets tired and sleeps.

    So, that is not much help with your desire to wean or deal with the bedtime struggle, but I would not worry about going back to work. My guess is she will still nap.

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